Pandya Store 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pandyas bring Dev and Rishita home

Pandya Store 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini saying Dhara tried to kill Rishita’s baby once again, I had given Dhara the thread bundle to tie the thread and keep it aside, she has tied it here, she is jealous of Rishita. Dev asks what nonsense are you saying. Rishita looks at Dhara. Dhara says sorry Rishita, I won’t give any explanation today, it’s a test of your faith on me, recall how much you know me and tell me, do you think that I will do such a disgusting thing to make you fall down, think from your heart. Rishita cries. She asks Kamini how do you know that Dhara tied the thread, if you saw, then why did you not stop her, if not, then how can you say that. Dhara smiles. Kamini says I m saying it, she has done this. Kalyani comes and says Kamini is lying, she has done this herself. Everyone is shocked. Kalyani says I stopped her from doing this, but she didn’t listen to me, I also want Rishita to stay with us in our house, but we can’t risk Rishita and her baby’s life for this. She cries. Kamini shouts get out of my house, I fire you all from the job. Dhara asks for her necklace.

Kamini says you want your necklace at such a time. Dhara says yes, its my mum’s necklace. Rishita says you have given me this necklace, how can this happen, your mum’s necklace was stolen. Dhara says yes, I gave this necklace to expose the truth. Rishita removes the necklace. Dhara stops her. Kamini says it’s a magical necklace, it gets stolen and then comes back. Gautam and Shiva get the goons. Gautam asks are these thieves working for you, they were asking for you and talking about the necklace stealing. The goons say Kamini asked me to get the necklace from Rishita’s neck and leave, its an easy work, but they have beaten us. They run away. Dhara says I knew it, you are after this, you gave me the proof yesterday, Kamini was taking the necklace from her cupboard, she is clever and would have accused me, I got my necklace from the cupboard, Kalyani told everyone about the thread, I won’t say anything. Kamini asks what proof do you have that I did this, you will see about cctv footage, we don’t have cctv camera in our house, how can you blame me. Kalyani says I m the prime witness, so stop lying, you thought no one would know, I had seen you giving the thread to Dhara, I saw you tying the thread to the chairs, this happened before I could talk to you, you didn’t listen to me. Rishita cries. She says enough Dev, I can’t stay in this house for a moment now, please come. Janardhan says don’t say this, this is your house, I m not involved in Kamini’s plan, trust me, I didn’t know she is going to do this, stay back, I admit I have done much wrong against them, but not today, stay back for my sake. Rishita says I thought I will be safe in my Maayka, I will be happy, I thought you all love me, I was wrong, you all don’t know keeping relations, I end all my relations with you all today. Kalyani and Janardhan get shocked.

Rishita hugs Dhara. Janardhan asks Dev to explain Rishita. Dev scolds him. He says I was respecting you, but you don’t deserve this, if you try to hurt my baby, then I will kill you, I don’t want your store. Janardhan says trust me, I m not involved in this plan, ask Rishita to stay back. Kirti hugs Rishita. Rishita holds Dhara’s hand and says we shall go home. Gautam and everyone smile. They all hold hands and leave. Yaadon ki baraat…..plays…..

Janardhan stops Gautam, and says you all did a job in my house, take your hardearned money, 4500rs, keep it. Gautam folds hands and doesn’t take it. Janardhan asks Shiva to take it. Shiva sees the cheque and wards off Rishita’s bad sight from it. Gautam and Raavi smile. Shiva says distribute the sweets to the poor and say that Pandya family has united, feed some sweets to Kamini, maybe her thinking gets bit sweet. Dev and Gautam hold Shiva’s hand. Pandyas leave.

Suman asks when will they come, tell me. Shiva says they will come. Gautam brings Dev and Rishita home. He shouts mum. Dev says but mum went to Prayagraj right. Gautam asks him to come. Dhara asks them to wait there. She goes to Suman and smiles. She gets the aarti plate. Suman asks did they come. Dhara nods. Dhara welcomes Dev and Rishita home. Suman smiles seeing them. Dev and Rishita get shocked seeing Suman bed-ridden. They run to her. Suman says you have come. She cries happily. She holds the ball and throws it at the stones, recalling Dhara’s words. Everyone looks on and smile. They clap for Suman. Dhara says we have fulfilled our promise, and you fulfilled your promise. They all get emotional.

Gautam moves Krish down. The shop board falls. Gautam says we have to get this shop repaired fast. Dev reminds that they don’t have money.

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