Pandya Store 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara saves Rishita from Kamini’s plan

Pandya Store 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalyani asking how did Rishita get this necklace. Kamini says I had kept it in the cupboard, I don’t know how she got it, I can’t ask her. Janardhan hugs Rishita. Kalyani asks are you really not going to do anything today, I saw you giving the thread to Dhara. Kamini says I gave it for puja. She thinks to go and check the cupboard. Kalyani hugs Rishita. She asks her to cover herself more. Kamini doesn’t see the necklace in the cupboard. She says Dhara doesn’t know about the necklace, it means Rishita has worn it herself, Dhara shouldn’t see the necklace else she will try to take Rishita home, I have to do something. Rishita does the puja. Raavi says her eyes will open someday.

Dhara asks Rishita to com and tie the thread, its for the baby’s security. Gautam asks is it just a woman’s duty. Shiva says its our duty also. Dev says we have to pray for the child also. Janardhan says its just a woman’s puja. Gautam says when a woman can pray for the family, then who has stopped the men. The couples do the puja together and tie the thread around the tree. Pandit blesses them. Everyone does Garba. Kamariya….plays… Kamini asks Dhara to tie the thread there. Dhara thinks something is wrong, I won’t let her succeed in her plan. Dhara goes. Kamini wards off Rishita’s bad sight. Rishita sees Dhara going. She asks Kamini to come and dance.

Kamini says no, I will see the guests. Dhara keeps the thread roll and goes. Kalyani sees that and thinks Kamini had given this to Dhara, its good she didn’t tie. Kamini sees the thread. She worries. She asks Kalyani to go and get items to ward off her bad sight. Kalyani says I will not forgive you if anything happens to Rishita and her baby. Kamini asks her to just go and get the items. She ties the thread. She says now Rishita has to get caught. She calls the goons and asks them to steal the necklace from Rishita’s neck, Rishita shouldn’t get hurt. Gautam and Shiva hear her. Shiva says Kamini is calling thieves in her own house. Gautam says its good, we don’t have to call our guys, we will catch the thieves. Two men enter the house. Gautam and Shiva catch the thieves. Gautam says we are from police, tell us, who is your boss. Kamini waits for the goons.

She asks a lady to hold Rishita when she falls. She says I m taking a big risk, I want her to stay here. Dhara thinks where are Gautam and Shiva, its time to steal the necklace. Rishita walks towards the thread. Dhara sees this and shouts. She runs to Rishita. Rishita falls. Dhara and hold her in time. Dhara asks are you fine. Dev asks Rishita are you okay, shall I call the doctor. He thanks Dhara for saving Rishita. He asks Rishita to have water. Everyone worries for her. Dhara sees Kamini. Janardhan thanks Dhara. Kamini asks who are you thanking Janardhan, the one who tried to kill Rishita’s baby, Dhara did all this. Everyone looks on.
Gautam moves Krish down. The shop board falls. Gautam says we have to get this shop repaired fast. Dev reminds that they don’t have money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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