Nima Denzongpa 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima signs divorce papers

Nima Denzongpa 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima says aai will get worried. if she finds out she will come here too. alok calls Virat and asks when is he coming? He says just wrapping up. Sia asks Sunita what did Suresh say? She says I am very confused. The address Shiv gave you, he never lived there. Sia says he lied to me? Why? Sunita says I don’t know. Nima sees them. She asks what happened? Did Suresh find Shiv? Krish comes and says maa I am hungry. Sunita says to see him first. Sunita says don’t tell Nima. Suresh is trying to find out. Maniya is also worried. Maybe you had the wrong address. We should find the truth first.

Virat sits with Maniya. She says the doctor said there will be more time. Birla says can you order food for us? He asks what will you eat? She tells. Maniya says I don’t want anything. Virat asks Priyal if anything else? She says mango cream with extra mangoes. Virat recalls it was Priyal’s favorite. She says nothing. He says Priyal liked the same. Maniya says this is Birla. Virat says I know. I don’t even wanna hear her name. Maniya says I am sorry you’re waiting with us here on your birthday. He says it’s okay. I have some responsibility towards you.

Sia and Sunita are leaving. Nima asks is everything okay? Sunita says the landlord is making trouble. The rest is all fine. Sia says everything is fine. Everyone waits for Virat. Nima says to Gulshan please eat. Don’t be mad at Virat. He’s stuck with Virat. Gulshan says won’t you eat? Nima says come with me.

Scene 2
Priyal asks Maniya where is Virat? He went out. Alok comes and says hello. You must be shocked to see me. Virat didn’t want to leave you both alone so he called me and went home himself. I won’t tell Nima don’t worry. He went home, Nima prepared so much. Nima calls Birla and says tell her we’re coming home. Alok says don’t you have to go to the doctor? Virat comes home and sees Nima sleeping on the sofa.

Virat says sorry to Nima. He says there was a lot of work. Nima says Maniya and Birla also just came home. He wonders how did they get free so early? Nima says let me warm up food for you. Virat sits with Nima and eats the food, he says it’s so tasty. You do wonders. He says didn’t you eat? She says how could I eat without you? He says what.. He makes her eat. Nima says it’s actually tasty. Birla comes downstairs. Alok says to leave them both alone. We shouldn’t be a third wheel. Priyal goes upstairs. Maniya says to Priyal your plan didn’t work. God always brings aai and Virat together. You will lose in the end.

Scene 3
Priyal calls someone and says get my task done by tomorrow. I don’t want any excuse. She looks at Virat and Nima. She says I will celebrate tomorrow. Mona says I ate a lot. Virat says I will eat cholay batoray. Nima asks Maniya what did the doctor say? Maniya says it was just acidity. Maniya says in heart I need to find a way out. Shpw me a way, God. Priyal comes in. SHe says I went out to walk. Nima says to have tea. She says Maniya bring my tea to the room. Maniya comes to the room and sees smoke. She says how can you smoke? Priyal says it’s just a candle. Maniya says here’s your tea. I don’t have time for your other things. Maniya says I want something else. She shows Maniya papers. Maniya says what is this? She says divorce papers. You have to get Nima and Virat’s signatures on it. If this plan fails you know what can I do. Nima says stop it, please. Priyal says okay lose your second child too.

Nima asks Virat what happened? He says I’ve to go to a brunch I forgot about it. Nima says I will get your clothes ready. He says what will you wear? She says I am not going. Virat says it’s a couple of brunches. He says okay then lets me ask mom. She says yes that’s perfect. He says are you crazy? It’s for couples. She says there’s no time. He says you’re there. That’s all. Maniya comes there. Virat says Maniya can take care of Krish. He says Maniya Nima is my wife? She says yes. He says then ask her to come with me on brunch. Nima says okay I am going. Nima asks Maniya what happened? She says nothing important.

Maniya cries in her room. She says I don’t know what to do. Priyal says go and work on my plan. There’s no time left. Do what I say or.. Maniya says no please. Nima comes there. Maniya hugs Priyal and says I miss mu husband too. I know how you feel. Nima comes and asks what happened? She says we miss our husbands. You will know when your husband leaves you. Nima says be his strength, not weakness. She says to Maniya I’ve to go to Virat’s brunch. I’ve to wear something indo-western. Can you help me? Maniya says sure.

Maniya helps Nima get dressed. Nima says Virat acts like a child. Maniya says you look happy. Nima says I am happy but being happy scares me. She says what are these papers? Maniya says nothing. Priyal comes and says Maniya ji tell her your want her signature on these papers. Maniya says we needed 2 witnesses’ signatures on the surrogacy agreement. Nima signs the papers. Priyal says you didn’t even read? Nima says Maniya brought them. She’s my daughter. Maniya leaves. Nima gets ready. Virat looks at her and says wow. You look so pretty.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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