Nima Denzongpa 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima sees divorce papers

Nima Denzongpa 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat applies a blank spot on Nima and says you look so good. She says I look like a joker. Virat says I am so happy you’re coming with me. Sunita talks to Suresh and says are you sure? Oh, God. How will I handle all this alone? Sia will be shattered. No one is here with me to help. She calls someone and says sorry for calling you. Can we meet tomorrow? Nima is leaving. Mona says where are you going? Gulshan says you look good. Krish says mama you look so nice. Gulshan asks where are you going? He says investor has planned a brunch. Maniya asks if Virat can sign the papers before leaving. She says these are surrogacy agreement papers. Virat says my dad always said we should always read papers before signing them. We should read them. You don’t know what the hospital must have written. Nima asks Maniya not to worry. She says he’s a businessman so it’s his habit. He keeps papers in his room and they leave.

Virat and Nima are on their way. He says your face.. She says what happened? He says it’s all red, you have an allergy. Let’s get medicine. She says your brunch.. He says your health is more important. Let’s go home and get the tablet. Priyal says to Maniya get those papers from Virat’s room. If he reads the papers he would die. Priyal comes to Virat’s room. They look for Virat’s closet keys. Maniya stands outside. She asks what happened? Maniya says I was playing with Krish. Nima and Virat come in. Gulshan syas is it your age to play? Priyal hides in the closet. Nima goes in the room. Priyal says to Maniya you’re useless. She takes out the file. Nima comes in. She says to Gulshan I got an allergy. Gulshan says let me get an anti-allergy. Nima comes to the room. Maniya is there. Nima asks what happened? Nima says I saw the closet open. I came to lock it. She has papers hidden in her hand. Nima says what’s in your name? Maniya says nothing. Maniya asks what happened to your face? She says got an allergy makeup. Many hugs her and says I hope you’re okay. Priyal sneaks out. Nima stops Maniya. She says this hairpin.. Is it yours? Maniya says yes it’s mine. Maniya says to Priyal you changed aai’s makeup right? Please stop your dirty plan. I had to tear the papers because she was in the room.

Scene 2
Sunita is very worried. She says how do I tell Sia his place, workplace, everything was fake. Sunita asks Sia to rest. She says you work all day then come home and do the chores. Sia says it’s okay. Sia gets the food ready. Varun comes running in. He says I went to the airport you won’t believe it.. Sia says what were you doing there? He says that doesn’t matter. What matters is who I saw there. Shiv. Sia and Sunita are shocked. He says yes I saw him myself. He sat in the bus outside. I ran after him. Sunita says are you sure? He says there’s no chance. Sunita gives him a look. Sia leaves. Sunita says I have hope from one person only now.

Scene 3
Alok asks where is Virat? Nima says he left for an important meeting. Mona says you don’t know about work. Nima says it’s not like that. Virat does all decisions with Virat’s opinion. Nima asks Krish to eat. Virat meets Sunita. He says it’s so weird. Did Suresh check right? Sunita says yes many people checked there. He never lived there. Varun saw Shiv near airport. Virat says we can find from passport control if he ever left the country. Sunita says thank you. He says you and Sia are my family. Don’t tell Sia or Nima until we find something out.

Nima waits for Virat. She sees the paper plane Krish made. She asks Krish where did you find this paper from? Nima opens the paper. She says it’s an agreement. She tried to fix them together. Gulshan asks Nima to help her stitch her cloth. She helps Gulshan and leaves the divorce papers there. Gulshan says you’re so talented. Mona says to Nima don’t you feel weird your grandchild is borne by another woman. Nima says I support Maniya in her decision. Mona says can you fix my pants too? Nima says you should give it to an alteration tailor. Krish runs aroound the house. Virat comes in. He asks what are you doing? He says I am looking for my colors. Virat plays with him. He picks the papers from the table and puts samosa on them. Nima asks Virat if she put a paper here. He says I don’t know. Nima eats from the same paper. She reads its divorce agreement and she signs it. Nima realizes it’s the same paper Maniya asked her to sign. She’s shocked.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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