Naagin Season 6 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishabh Learns That Chanda Is His Real Mother

Naagin Season 6 28th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratha enters Patal lok in magin form, picks amtrith kalash, and heads back towards earth. Rishabh with Reynaksh and Seema reach temple. Reynaksh and Seema are stopped by nag rekha. Rishab enters temple. Seema and Reynaksh follow him. Mahak gets worried for Pratha when patal look door is about to close and asks her to come soon. Pratha gets out of patal lok door on time and says now she will save her country. Rishabh walks in calling her. Mahak thinks Seema must have brought him here. Rishabh asks Pratha what is she doing here and where is Chanda aunty. Reynaksh with Seema walks in next. Mahak is shocked to see him alive and how is he alive when Pratha had killed him. Rishabh notices Chanda fallen unconscious under a pillar and confronts Pratha for Chanda’s condition. Pratha says there was en earthquake sometime ago here, but Chanda is fine. Reynaksh acts as worried for his Chanda and tongue lashes Pratha that she tried to harm his mother. Seema says she will not let her best friend stay here. Pratha says she cannot take Chanda from here. Rishabh warns Pratha to behave with his mother. Pratha addresses Seema by name and says Seema is not Rishabh’s real mother. Seema acts and tells Rishabh that she is his mother and loves him immensely. She murmurs at Pratha to give her amrith kalash.

Pratha asks Rishabh not to trust Seema and says Chanda is his real mother. Seema continues her acting and says she is Rishabh’s real mother. Rishabh as usual falls for her drama. Seema says she will take her best friend from here. Pratha and Mahak stop her. Seema them grips Chanda at knife’s point and warns Pratha to reveal where amtrith kalash is. Rishabh is shocked to see that. Seema accepts that Chanda is his real mother. Rishabh is more shocked to hear that and starts coughing up blood. Seema reveals that she poisoned Rishabh before coming here, recalling the incident. Rishabh falls down and says he would have happily sacrificed his life if Seema had asked him. Pratha tells Rishabh that nothing will happen to him and keeps his head on her lap. Seema says this poison is a life for nagins and death for humans like Rishabh. Rishabh recalls the quality moments he spent with Pratha and apologizes her for not believing her. Seema warns Pratha that she has only one hour to either save her or her country. Rishabh asks Pratha to save the country first and loses consciousness. Chanda cries seeing that and even she loses consciousness.

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