Naagin 6 fame Simba Nagpal on his future plans

Shakti fame Simba Nagpal is on cloud nine with his second show Naagin 6 being a hit. The actor also garnered a lot of love and appreciation for his stint in Bigg Boss 15.

During a recent interview with BT, Simba talked about it and shared, “It feels nice to be a part of a show like Naagin. I am mostly on the sets only these days. The work pressure has been a lot, though of late, it has reduced a bit. I am shooting for almost 28 days. I don’t get a weekly off shooting for Naagin but I don’t mind that. I always wanted to work and be occupied and if that is happening I am happy. Acting is my passion and ghoomne ke liye abhi poori life padi hai. Well, about the genre, which is supernatural fiction, it has always been my favorite one. I play an army officer in the show but I wish I could also play a supernatural being on the show. My mom too loves the show. Even though I am not able to watch all the episodes, she gives me a lot of feedback. She gives very apt feedback, wherever she likes me she will tell me, and in places where she doesn’t find me good, that too she will tell me.”

Talking about his other interests apart from acting, Simba shared, “I have always had a lot of interest in music. So I have this habit of singing and rapping and I also play the guitar. So I am now planning to compose a song of my own. Also, not many people know that I also have a keen interest in writing and direction. I will be pursuing these two things also in the near future. I am learning about direction on the job. When we are shooting and I don’t have a shot, I sit with my director, Ranjan Kumar, and learn about different shots. I have learned about different cameras and the lenses used in them. I have also started guessing the camera angle while reading for scenes.”

Simba also reveals that he has got some Bollywood offers too. “I don’t want to do a Bollywood film just for the heck of it. I am very passionate about acting. I want a character where I can push my limits. For me, money is just a number. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, I had offers for films, but I didn’t take them up as I thought my character is not going to stand out. The reason why I said yes to Naagin was that I thought I will be able to push my limits in terms of acting. For me, the length of a role in a film does matter but at the same time, my character will matter too.” he said.

He added, “For the web, there are certain platforms that produce stuff with mostly bold and intimate stuff. If the main focus of a web show is only nudity then I won’t do it. But if the script genuinely demands, I am open to everything. Before Bigg Boss, I would get so many such offers which I have always refused. The makers of web shows used to start the conversation with such scenes instead of the main storyline.”

Upon being asked if his relationship status has changed from single he quipped, “Mere pass time hi nahi hai double hone ka. I am not searching for someone as I am in that zone of being satisfied staying single. But yes, love is always welcome as everyone needs a shoulder to rely on. Agar taste mein koi mil jaye, toh I am happy.”

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