Mount Princess Mononoke’s Animal Friends’ Heads on Your Fridge – Interest

As part of Princess Mononoke‘s 25th anniversary, Donguri Republic is selling a collection of magnets based on the characters from the film—that just so happen to look like head mounts on the wall of a hunting cabin.

These include Moro, Moro’s pup, the Forest Spirit, Nago, Yakul, and even San herself. Each sells individually for 1320 yen (approx. $9.68 USD) or in a set for 7,920 yen (approx. $58.10 USD) at either Donguri Republic’s physical stores or their online Donguri-sora shop.

Of course, if that’s too morbid for you, you can pick up this decidedly non-decapitated stuffed Yakul instead.

Source: YouPouch

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