Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Soumya’s risky stunt

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man asking Soumya to leave. Soumya takes Prisha with her. Prisha says stop it, you are hurting me. Soumya scolds her. She says you fell so low, just look at yourself in the mirror. Armaan comes and says Prisha didn’t fall low, you fell down, look at yourself, you have become someone to host a small event, you have come on the roads, there is still time, say sorry, face the reality, come back home, handle our kids, live happily and let live happily. He holds Prisha. Soumya says I don’t understand to laugh on you or cry, you don’t know, what all you lost to get something. He says you have two options, either come home with a big heart or return to Indore with your small thinking. She says I have nothing to lose, you have much to lose, I will work and make my name, I will take my kids back. He asks her to save her house first, if she doesn’t pay the deposit, then her family will come on the roads, like her self respect, it’s a promise. Soumya leaves.

She walks on the road. The man stops her and says I have an opportunity, you can earn money, you can work as a heroine double and do a stunt. She says I will go, tell me when to come and how much money will I get. He says 60000rs, it’s a risky stunt. She says I will do it. She goes with that man. She gets her dad’s call. She says we will pay the deposit today, I got a work, I m getting 60000rs for it, I have 25000rs in account, we will pay it today. he asks her to take care. She reaches the set. The man says it’s a real action sequence, you don’t have to stop in fear, we have to do this in one take. She says I will do it. The man wishes her best of luck. The people on the set see her and identify her. They click pics and send it to Simmi. Simmi worries and says I have to do something. Sushma calls Simmi and says heroine’s blouses are ready, get it collected. Simmi says Soumya is taking a big risk, she is doing an action sequence, it can be dangerous. Soumya gets ready and comes for the scene. Sushma worries. The man asks her not to worry, they took all the precautions, do the scene in one shot. Soumya says just tell me, I will perform. Armaan gets Simmi’s message. He says see what Soumya is going to do for money. Prisha says its not action stunt, but publicity stunt.

Sushma comes to the set and stops Soumya from taking the risk. She asks her to take the money, its earnings from Banno creations. Soumya says you can give me money if you want, I won’t do this stunt, will this not make Armaan win, Armaan find women weak, I want to give a right answer to a wrong thinking. Soumya blesses her. She feels proud and wishes her best of luck. She asks Soumya to take care, and hugs. The man asks Soumya to get ready for the shot. Armaan comes there. The reporters come. Armaan says I can’t let Soumya get all the media attention. The reporters question Soumya. She says I didn’t leave my kids, I m doing this for them, to prove myself, why I left Armaan, I will answer you in the court, I request you to let me do the work. Soumya performs the stunt. Armaan comes and scolds the director. He asks Soumya if anything happened to her, then what would have happened to our babies. He says Soumya is doing this for media attention, not money. He says I told her to come home for the babies. He leaves.

Armaan says I have no affair. Soumya says Armaan was waiting for Prisha in the suite. Goldie defends Soumya in the court.

Update Credit to: Amena

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