Mithai 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai sees Sid in a new light

Mithai 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid tells the family that he is taking Mithai’s responsibility and she won’t create issues for anyone. Abhishek says then I am fine with them staying here, I just want my daughter’s marriage to be done with ease.

Dadi talks to Dadu and says I think we should let Mithai and Indu go from here for some time. Dadu smiles and says Sid has taken a family responsibility for the first time so I am hopeful.

Indu tells Mithai that Sid knew about my illness and he took care of everything. Mithai says I will go and say thanks. Indu says Sid took a stand for us today so don’t create any issues. Mithai says I won’t do anything.

Girish comes to Sid’s room and says you are going to Singapore so why are you taking this responsibility? I took a decision but you always go against me. Sid says what’s your problem? Girish says I am an elder person here so you have to follow my rules. Sid says you should keep your ego aside, I took up the responsibility and I will fulfill it. Girish angrily leaves from there. Mithai comes there and hears all that. Mithai enters Sid’s room and says Sidharth ji. Sid is surprised to hear his name from her for the first time.

Rohan is calling Kirti but she is ignoring him. Karishma comes there and hugs Kirti, she says everything was clarified so I don’t want any grudges between us.

Mithai thanks Sid for taking a stand for his mother. Sid says I always do what I think is right. Mithai says I have realized that you help people silently. Sid says thank you but I don’t have time for praises. Mithai says I just don’t understand why you were helping my mother? Sid looks away and says I have a meeting. He asks Mithai to promise to not create any problems in the house. Mithai says I promise.

Shubham comes to Mithai and says I am sorry about your mother. He says we have never shared our problems with each other but you are not alone anymore, I will get your mother treated.

Shubham comes to Sid and thanks him for taking care of Indu and Mithai. He says they are my responsibility now so I will handle everything. You can go to Singapore easily. Sid says you just focus on the wedding, I will take care of Indu’s health for now. Shubham says as you wish and leaves. Mithai is outside the room and hears all that. Sid looks at his mother’s photo and says Indu makes me feel close to you. I just hope she becomes fine.

Rohan calls Kirti again, she takes the call and says why are you calling me? Rohan says I want to meet you once only. Please be there.

Mithai comes to Dadu and says I mistakenly thought that you have cancer, I am really sorry. Dadu says there is mental cancer in this house. He shows her Girish and Abhishek arguing about money for the wedding. Then Abha being rude with Indu. He shows her Sid sitting alone in his room. He says I wish God would give me death. Mithai says what are you saying? Dadu says I am sorry for not telling about your mother’s condition. Mithai says I understand you did it for my mother only. Dadu says Sid will leave me also. Mithai says don’t lose hope, I saw empathy in Sid today, he cares for his family that’s why he can’t see them fighting and want to leave. Dadu says you have to stop Sid from going to Singapore. Mithai says if that’s what you want then I will do everything in power to stop him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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