Mithai 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Mithai 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All family members are sitting together in the sangeet function. Rohan looks around for Kirti.

Mithai asks Kirti to work on their plan. Kirti brings food for Apeksha and says Dadu is waiting for Sid on the dinner table, it’s a family function so he should be with his family. Sid says fine and goes with Kirti. Mithai locks Apeksha in the garden and says she has to stay away from Sid for some time.

All family members sit to have dinner together. Sid glares at Girish.

Apeksha is trying to leave the garden but Mithai comes there and snatches the passport from Apeksha. She says if Dadu sees this with you then he will be hurt. You should go there without this passport. I will give it back to you. She runs and hides the passport. She gives her an envelope and says the passport is inside so Dadu won’t know that Sid gave his passport to you. Apeksha takes it and leaves.

Mithai tells Kirti that she gave something else to Apeksha and have hidden the passport. Rohan is calling Kirti so Mithai tells her to take a right decision.

Mithai comes to Sid and says I know you are miffed with me but I want to prove the power of love.

Rohan talks to Kirti that I know you don’t want to hurt your family. I will not bother you anymore. I won’t be happy with Karishma but I just want you to be happy. Can you forget me and move on? Mithai shows Sid all that and says they love each other. Do you think it’s right with the three of them that Rohan is marrying Karishma? Kirti tells Rohan that I can’t move on but we have to for our families. Rohan says I want to look at your happy face before separating. I will marry Karishma. They hug each other tightly. Sid sees all that.

Rohan and Kirti come back to the function. Sid comes there too. Rohan tells Rajeev that I did what you wanted me to do. Mithai tells Sid that look at your sister, Kirti is sad and Rohan won’t be happy with Karishma. Sid says enough, why are you riling up my sister?

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