Mere Sai 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update Sadashiv finds the truth

Mere Sai 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai sees two siblings arguing over Gilli Danda. The older brother fools younger brother to get gilli and he will find oranges too, younger brother quickly goes. Younger brother walks in with gilli and oranges, elder brother surprised and says I will go get more for myself and leaves. Sai smiles. Younger brother offers Sai some oranges. Elder brother walks to his younger brother Dhiru and asks where are oranges, he asks Sai why didn’t he get anything. Sai says its a lesson, you took advantage of your younger brothers innocence but he still thought of you and got two oranges, if you are elder take care of your brother. He realises his mistakes apologies to Sai and Dhiru. Sai gives him blessings too and fruits.

Sadashiv coughing hard. Mira gets kadha for him and leaves. Sadashiv thinks Mira is still upset, may be when she will see me earning properly will forgive me, I should take money from Balvant and leave for city. Bhiva sees Sudama talking to a horse cart seller, he says first make arrangements then I can give you and leaves. Sudama gets worried again. Laxmi says to Sudama all this is not necessary, this is not my happiness and leaves. Bhiva walks to Sudama and asks what happened. Sudama thinks if I tell him he will think he was right and lies to Bhiva that Laxmi is emotional because of her wedding and leaves. Bhiva says you made a mistake but I can’t let your reputation ruin.

Mira decides to meet Sai to find answers, she walks to Sai and says please help me, I can’t see my husband in pain, Sai says his illness is because of his deeds I can’t help him. Mira says everyone says Sai can do everything, I can’t see him in pain, please help me. Sai says I am narrating story to kids, come sit we will talk after that.

Balvant performing early morning pooja sees Savari and scolds her for ruining his day and asks her to leave. Savari leaves. Balvant has few visitors, they are British employees with land money, Balvant very happy.
Kulkarni sees Balvant with a bag.

Sai narrates story if King Dharma, who spent night in jungle and ge was scared of animals so he climbed a tres, a bear chased by lion also climbs the tree and says to him don’t be scared, I won’t harm you, you sleep fir sometime mean while I will guard us and after sometime I shall sleep and you guard us. King goes ti sleep, Lion says to bear throw the king down, I will eat him and spare you but bear says no I won’t break his trust. Bear sleeps and King wakes up. Lion says to king throw him down I will spare you, King agrees. The bear was actually a Sadhu and he punishes king, so breaking someone trust is not good it affects us more and God never forgives such people.

Kulkarni asks for his share. Kulkarni says he wants more money as he now knows the true amount. Balvant says I have to pay Sadashiv too. Kulkarni says no need to pay him I have a way for it and shares an idea. Balvant likes the idea and says if this works I will double your commission. Balvant sees Sai in mirror and gets scared. Kulkarni asks whats wrong. Balvant says nothing.

Ragini says to Sai the story was really nice. Sai says go play now. All kids leave. Mira starts crying and says I understood Sai but will Sadashiv never get better. Sai says only when he realises his mistake his pain will go away. Mira says when will this happen. Sai says soon and leaves.

Balvant sees Sai on his way and gets scared. Sai walks to him and asks why is he so scared. Balvant while looking for hanky drops letter on ground, he says to Sai don’t interfere with my work. Sai says you going Nagar right, Balvant says why do you care. Sai says don’t go today your work won’t happen. Balvant says keep your black magic to yourself, I don’t like anyone interfering with my work. Sai says fooling innocents is what I don’t like. Balvant leaves.

Bhiva asks Gangadhar for money. Gangadhar says like your brother spent all money so did my son. Bhiva sees Sadashiv and asks for 500₹. Sadashiv says I gave lot of money, I gave your brother but he spent it I gave lot of money when I came ti your place too, I can’t afford so much money and leaves. Sadashiv sees Sai and tries to talk but unable to speak, he stumbles and finds the letter. Sadashiv reads the letter and gets angry. Sai walks to him and says you fooled whole Shirdi and look you are fooled too.

Pre cap: Few people come looking for Sadashiv and tell other villagers Sadashiv fooled them for land and built no factory.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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