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Machapati says I guess few people are late, lets start aarti meanwhile. Sai says yes start the aarti. Everyone perfoms aarti. Few villagers come late, and ask Machapati why did they finish aarti so soon. Machapati says you guys are late, villagers say now we don’t have to go to farms so it gets late to wakeup and get ready, they take prasad and leave. Sai says people have gone blind in front of money. Patil asks Sai why doesn’t he talk to them, Sai says I tried and gave them signs too but God has a way, he gives people signs and leaves the decision to people, if these villagers understand early its nice.

Mira ignores Sadashiv, Laxmi’s inlaws in house. Sudama showd arrangements he has made and says I will give horse with cart to our son in law. They say we never knew you are so rich. Bhiva says no we aren’t and also can’t afford all this we are sorry. Sudama scolds Bhiva. Bhiva says because of this show off you have crossed all lines, Sudama says I have only one daughter. Bhiva says so do I, I have one son and for his better future I spent my savings on buying land with you but you snatched it from me and then spending everything how will my son survive so give me my share and then you can do whatever you want. Sudama says how dare you. In laws get upset and say to Sudama we already told you we don’t want anything why are you behind all this and leaves. Sudama slaps Bhiva.

Sudama says to Bhiva, you don’t know what it’s like being a father to a daughter, you disrespected me and my self respect, and will you be able to fix things and arrange Laxmi’s marriage, you ruined my daughter’s life for some money. Bhiva pushes him and says its because of your show off and thoughtless decisions Laxmi is suffering too, we bought land together but you cheated me and sold it. Sudama pushes him back. Bhiva gets angry and about to hit, Sai stops them.
Sai looks at Sadashiv. Sudama leaves house. Sai walks out.

Kulkarni asks villagers what will they do of so much money and he has thought that they should invest it and he even wants Shirdi people to become rich, and he has found a way. Villagers ask what they can do. Kulkarni says give your money to me and he will pay interest on their money, interest of 1%. Villagers say you charged 10% interest. Kulkarni says because then you have no money and now when you give me money, it will be safe with me and you can use whatever way you want and so less interest, okay let’s make it 2% and money will be safe too incase of theft because I have an expensive locker. Villagers agree to give their money to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says okay submit money to accountant.

Santa Banta ask Kulkarni why is he doing this, Kulkarni says I will invest in Banks in Mumbai, they give 5% interest and give 2% to villagers and will make few false enteries and earn more. Postman gets letter for Balvant, Kulkarni says I will give it to Balvant and takes letter. Kulkarni opens the letter, he reads it and is in shock.

Sai cleaning at Dwarka Mai. Bhiva walks to him and apologies to Sai and says but Dada was out of line and I had to stop him for all the expenses he was doing. Sai says did it help. Bhiva quiet. Sai throws a small shell in water and asks Bhiva to find it for hi. Bhiva looks for it but doesn’t find it. Sai says have patience Bhiva. Bhiva waits.

Kulkarni gives letter to Balvant, Kulkarni says I mistoke it as mine but its for you, its a good news. Balvant reads it. Kulkarni says wow Balvant, you are selling land to British at 5000/acre and bought it for 2500. Balvant says do your work and let me do mine, don’t interfere in my work. Kulkarni says good you haven’t given my share, now I will ask for appropriate amount and leaves.

Sai asks Bhiva to check in water. Water still, so Bhiva finds the shell, he gets it to Sai. Sai asks why couldn’t you find earlier. Bhiva says water was dirty. Sai says just like greed, anger and when these emotions settle Sudama will see the truth, have faith and patience and do support him when he needs, you do your responsibility and you will find your way and may God bless all villagers.

Sudama packs his bag and says I will find a house on rent and marry Laxmi the way I want. Laxmi says you are at fault too why did you spend so much. Mira and Subhadra try to convince Sudama to stay. Sudama leaving with Laxmi, Bhiva walks in and apologies to Sudama and asks him to stay. Sudama forgives Bhiva and hugs him. Bhiva thinks I wait for the day you understand consequences.

Pre cap: Balvant sees Sai and gets scared, and letter falls off his hand.
Sadashiv walking to Sai, stumbles and finds letter and shocked to see letter.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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