Mere Sai 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update Sadashiv behind villagers land

Mere Sai 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadashiv tells everyone, once they get mill permission we can start work and Shirdi will only see happiness. Sadashiv receives a letter, he reads it in front of everyone and tells them government rejected land for mill. Patil asks why. Sadashiv says I was here for good and don’t want to go to Kulkarni, how will my Sai ‘s shirdi prosper, only Sai can help ne now. Sudama says hope Sai helps this man.

Baizmaa gets food for Sai. Sai applies oil to Baizmaa legs and says if you can take care of your son, can’t I take care of my mother. Baizmaa says you knew before I came about this so you were prepared. Sai says if a son won’t care of her mother who will.

Tejasvi walks to a girl and asks who is this water for. She says Savari because she isn’t allowed to touch the well. Tejasvi says add hot water to this bucket and leave. She does so and leaves. Tejasvi waits for Savari and says Savari has annoyed me a lot, now she will face consequences.
Savari comes there. Tejasvi says first wash your dirty hands and then touch that bucket, from tomorrow you will have to wash your hands and then touch water here, or no water.
Sai walks to a pot of boiling water in Dwarka Mai.

Savari pours water from the bucket in her hand, Sai puts his hand in boiling water. Savari doesn’t get burnt, Tejasvi shocked and thinks why didn’t her hands burn. Baizmaa rushes to Sai and pulls his hand out. Savari takes water from bucket and leaves. Tejasvi walks to water and puts her hand in water to check and her hand burns.

Baizmaa says I know Sai you never do anything on purpose. Sai says I promised an innocent to protect her. Baizmaa says you understand everyone’s emotion, I met Mira she was happy to receive blessings. Sai says she is very honest and there are some who are two faced and want me to help, how can I. Baizmaa asks who are you referring to. Sadashiv walks to Sai and says I need help. Baizmaa sees Sai’s expression and thinks Sai always get worried seeing his devotees worried but today he isn’t and did he mean Sadashiv.

Sadashiv says Sai I know you won’t disappoint me, Sai says tell me. Sadashiv’s throat starts hurting and says Sai my throat is paining. Sai says your throat will hurt when you will eat something wrong. Sai picks some ash and puts on a leaf and gives to Sadashiv and says add this in water and have it and also when you think your problem is for everyone’s good, I will listen to your problem. Sadashiv confused thinks why did my throat go bad while I was going to bring the point and why did he talk about people’s well being and leaves.

Baizmaa asks Sai what was Sadashiv here for. Sai says wait for right time you will find out.

Sadashiv gargling, Bhiva walks to him and says we are going to Machapati’s house for kirtan, will you join us. Sadashiv says my throat is hurting I can’t. Bhiva says okay take care and leaves.
Sadashiv says what has Sai done the moment I think about talking about work my throat goes bad.
Thief who tried to rob Sadashiv calls him aside. Sadashiv says why are you here, what if someone sees you. He says no one did but if you don’t pay they will. Sadashiv gives him money and he leaves.

Mira walks to Sadashiv, and gives him salt water for gargle and asks what happened. Sadashiv says I went to Sai and I think Sai knew about my plan and I think Sai really does black magic. Mira says Sai can never do wrong, and I have experienced his divinity and tells about her snake incident and how Sai blessed her. Sadashiv shocked. Mira says give up on this bad work and accept Sai.Sadashiv says this is last work and we will get everything we wanted. Mira says its never last. Sadashiv says I swear on God this is last.

Sai treats a kid, his father complains he keeps eating unwanted things.

Sadashiv says to Mira, he needs her support or else people will become suspicious and all this is for their kid and he will never have to go back to bad work. Mira says I have no option then trusting you. Sadashiv says trust me and did you have medicine. Mira says I couldn’t it just fell because of air. Sadashiv says you have to be careful and goes get medicine for her and says have it in front of me. Mira has medicine. Sadashiv says very good, I will rest for sometime.

Sai gives kid medicine he feels fine. Mira start feeling pukish, she pukes out her medicine and thinks my headache has reduced after puking thats nice.
Kid thanks Sai, Sai says whatever is bad for health it has to come out.

Sadashiv meets villagers and says to them, I told you government denied my approval. Villagers say don’t worry we will find another way. Sadashiv yesterday Sai said same to me and I have to keep trying and today I am trying infront of you all. Bhiva asks what have you thought. Sadashiv says I thought all night, if you all sell your land to me I can work on mill on it. Patil says our land is everything, Sadashiv says I will pay you all for your lands, I will buy land 2500₹ per acre. Everyone shocked to hear rate. Sudama asks Sadashiv, where will you bring so much money from. Sadashiv shows them suitcase full of money. Sadashiv thinks good no one is suspicious.

Pre cap: Sai tells a wounded kid, never steal ask for what you want, stealing is never good.
Mira says to Sai, its my mistake. Sai says we always hide our people’s mistakes without thinking of consequences, you are hiding something too right.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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