Meera Deosthale talks about her weight gain; says, “It is because of health issues, instead of trolling, people should empathize”

The struggle for an actor doesn’t just stop with bagging a good role in a big project. There is also constant pressure to look a certain way. Meera Deosthale, who is currently essaying the role of Pari in Gud Se Meetha Ishq, has been on the receiving end of trolls who are commenting on her weight gain.

Though the actress doesn’t allow the negativity to affect her, she wants people to know that her weight gain is because of her health condition.

Talking about it in a recent interview, Meera said, “I had been putting on weight for quite some time, so I decided to go for a routine check-up last August. The tests reflected swelling in my liver and the diagnosis revealed that I had jaundice. I was put on a strict diet for the recovery of my liver along with medication. That resulted in fatigue, severe pain, and weakness. It took me six months to recover and get back to a normal healthy state. That phase didn’t just affect me physically, but mentally as well.”

She added, “I gained weight because of a weak system and the medicines I was taking. However, that didn’t deter me from posting pictures on social media or attending events and parties. I want to be happy about the way I am at any stage in life. Gradually, I saw people posting unpleasant comments and criticizing me for gaining weight. It hurt me a lot. I understand that I am in showbiz, where I am expected to look good all the time. But people need to realize that we are also humans and can go through a rough patch. Instead of trolling, they should empathize with us. We talk a lot about body positivity, but the funny part is that the concept doesn’t hold true for us actors because of these unrealistic standards of fitness and the expectation of looking perfect. It is okay not to be okay sometimes. I’ve realized that I should focus on myself and take each day as it comes. People will talk badly about you even when you are in the best of health. What matters is how you feel about yourself.”

Meera feels fortunate that her character in the show doesn’t require her to lose weight overnight. “I am still allowed to eat food items that are easy to digest. I feel lucky that I am doing a role where there’s no pressure on me to lose weight in an unhealthy way. It will take me a few months to be back to my original shape. I gained around 10 kgs when I was unwell and have managed to lose six kilos amidst a busy work schedule. It’s still a long way to go but I am at it,” she concludes.

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