Made for each other-Alasmine/Debanya- Episode 2 – Convincing and Tricks

This episode will be about Debanya, next one will be Alasmine and then combined.

Recap: Ananya is upset at Debu for not remembering to come to tree planting festival..

Episode starts:

Ananya: Kaash.. yeh Dabu, sach me Dabu nahi hota…

Debu: Baat to sahi hai.. Anu.. kitne din naraz raho gi!

Ananya: Hamesha keliye…

Debu: about to speak—

Vivaan shouts from outside

Vivaan: Debu bhaiya! Cricket khelne keliye aye!

Debu in mind: Haash… Vivaan ne bacha liya!

Ananya: Haan Haan, socho socho, Vivaan ne mujhse bacha liya.. yahi soch rahe ho na

Debu: Bye!

He runs and goes to play cricket.. while Ananya sits on her bed.

Karuna knocks and Ananya opens the door

Karuna: Vivaan yaha hain?

Ananya: No aunty.. he’s not here…

Karuna: By the way, dont be upset about the festival, we can do it ourselves. But I am giving you permission to give punishment to Debu and Vivaan.

Ananya: Really aunty! thank you!

Karuna: by the way, I have a punishment,

Ananya: Kya?

Karuna: (conversation muted- details told after)

Ananya: Haan.. vaise Puja kab hai??

Karuna: Kal… get ready Ananya…

Next Day, Puja time

After 2-3 hours

Karuna gets herself and Ananya a rolling pin.. and they go to Debu and Vivaan.

Debu: M-maa.. A-Ananya.. yeh belan k-kyu..?

Vivaan: H-haan maa.. h-hum ne kiya -kya??

Karuna/Ananya: Promise breakers ban gaye ho!

Debu/Vivaan: kya????

Debu: what do you mean??

Ananya: Go to your room

The boys obediently go and few moments later, Karuna leaves while Ananya takes a selfie.

Debu: Yeh kya ka rahi ho…

Ananya: selfie click kar rahi hu… any problem..?

Vivaan: Arrey… didi! hum ne kiya kya.. ke aise bandliya..?

Ananya: Tree planting festival..

Debu: Agle saal ayega na.. aur (whisper) tumhe to pata hai.. Timnasa koi bhi chaal chala sakti hai

Ananya: Tikhe.. tikhe.. mana liya tum dono ne, aur kardiya maaf.. lekin for 3 hours, you will have to like this or else aunty will be suspicious…!

(Devaki’s muffled shouts “Ananya!”)

Karuna: Ananya! Devaki ji bula rahi hai! Ghar jana padega tumhe!

Ananya: Ayi Aunty! To Vivaan, Debu: Bye..

Vivaan: theen ghante…?

Debu: Maa!! Maa!!

Karuna: Kya hai?

Debu: Aap ne hi kaha na.. ki hum khud tree planting kar sakte hain?

Karuna: Haan, to?

Vivaan: Agle saal bhi ayega, hume chod di jiye na?

Karuna: Close your eyes.

They close their eyes, and Karuna quietly opens the knots.

Karuna: Aankhen Kholo..

Scene Freezes

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