Made for each other-Alasmine/Debanya- Episode 1- Proposing and promise breaker

Hey friends! Im starting a new ff, Made for each other- Alasmine/Debanya, and I hope you like it. As shown in CS, Baalveer cast is not guest appearance, it is main as well as Alasmine.

Episode starts


A girl enters a house and goes to a room yelling 2 names.

Girl: Dabu!! Vivaan!! Kaha ho tum log? Bas do bhai ek jaise, pata nahi Karuna aunty ka kya hal ho ra hoga har din..

Just then another woman comes

(the girl is Ananya and lady is Karuna)

Karuna: Kya hua Ananya, why are you yelling?

Ananya: Dekhiye na, aap ke 2 beto ne, promise kiya tha, ki trees plant karne ayege! But do you know where they are???

Debu: Yaha hain?

Ananya: What about the promise?

Vivaan: Dont look at me! Bhaiya made that promise!

Debu: Ananya.. chalo mere saath

(Everyone knows about them being together, everyone is Bharat Nagar)

Ananya stays still.


She goes with him.

In Baghdad.

Unknown girl: Yeh kaab milne ayega… pyaar karti hoon kab kahungi??

Unknown boy: Abhi bata do na..

(Unknown girl- Yasmine, Unknown boy- Aladdin)

Yasmine: K-kale c-chor??

Aladdin: Tum bulao.. aur me na au.. kabhi ho sakta hai?

Yasmine: nahi.. achha I need to talk to you..

Suddenly she faints.

Aladdin: Nakchadi???

He gets some water and splashes it on her face. She gets conscious.

Yasmine: Kale Chor…

Aladdin: get up and then sit down, then talk.. dont lie down like that.. you will scare me more..

Yasmine: s-scare? I need to talk.. this is important.. for me and you..

Aladdin: So do I! pehle sit down na

She obediently sits down on her bed

Aladdin: Pehle me? Ya fir tum?

Yasmine: T-tum?

Aladdin: Me… tumhare liye ye laya tha… aur (caresses the back of his head, closes his eyes) (both at same time): Me tumse pyaar karta hu!

Yasmine: Kal- t-tum… hum Ammi se mile ge aaj hi aaj..

They go to meet Aladdin’s mother, Rukhsaar



Karuna’s house, Vivaan/Debu’s room

Debu: Ananya… (gets something from drawer)

Ananya: *folds arms* What?

Debu: your birthday is coming..

Ananya: Accha? I didnt know my birthday was coming.. you remembered.. thanks so much Dabu..

Debu: Sorry na Ananya… Im sorry.. we can go now na?

Ananya: Yeahhh.. After its finished..

Debu: But it is tomorrow is well na?

Ananya: Yep… so what…?

Debu: we will go tomorrow.. forgive me na…

Next day:

Same room (morning)

Debu holds Ananya’s hands and Vivaan enters.

Vivaan: woah.. Ill come later.. sorry bro

Debu: Ab ahi gaye ho, to bolo

Vivaan: woh.. uhh. jo tree planting festival hai.. woh.. aaj.. cancel ho gaya

Ananya: “Hum kal paka jayenge.. cancel nahi hoga” .. this is what you said na Baalveer!

Debu: Chup! Maa ke samne Baalveer nahi Debu..

Ananya: Whatever.. Cancel kyu hua???

Vivaan: Kyunki…

Ananya: Timnasa ka haat hai iske piche..


PreCap: Yasmine meets Rukhsaar. Debu tries to make Ananya happy. Vivaan and Paris and Shaurya try to figure out Timnasa’s new trick.

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