Made for each other-Alasmine- Character Sketch

Hey guys, I thought of making something else, some other ff, so this is FF of Aladdin- Naam To Suna Hoga.. Hope you like it, this is Character Sketch. I have only added images for Main male and female characters, you can see others in actual episodes!

Aladdin- Son of Rukhsar and Omar- Yasmine’s love interest. Also known as Kala chor, loves his mother a lot.

Yasmine- Princess of Baghdad. Sultan Shahnawaz and Mehrunissa’s daughter. Aladdin’s and Zafar’s love interest. 

Zafar- Evil guy who likes Yasmine and wishes to kill Aladdin.. becomes grand vizier of Baghdad, by impressing king and queen.

Sultan Shahnawaz- Father of Yasmine, and Mehrunissa’s husband, king of Baghdad, Meher ‘s(Princess of Yemen) uncle.

Sultana Mehrunissa- Mother of Yasmine, Shahnawaz’s wife, queen of Baghdad, Meher’s aunty.

Rukhsaar – Aladdin’s mother, Omar’s wife, a kind-hearted woman.

Omar- Aladdin’s father, Rukhsar’s husband, a kind hearted man

Nazneen Begum – Gulbadan’s mother, Mustafa’s wife, Aladdin’s aunt, and a greedy woman

Mustafa Chacha – Gulbadan’s father,  Nazneen’s husband, Aladdin’s uncle, Omar’s younger brother

Gulbadan: Aladdin’s older in age cousin brother, Son of Mustafa..

Guest Appearances in episodes:

Baalveer (senior) – Vivaan mentor, Sutli’s adopted brother, Ananya’s best friend/boyfriend, adopted son of Padmini..

Vivaan(younger baalveer)- Khushi’s adopted brother, Ananya’s biological brother

Ananya (Karigar Pari)- Vivaan’s biological sister, Baalveer/Debu’s best friend/girlfriend, daughter of Queen Devaki. Love interest of Ray

Timnasa- Evil queen, who wishes to kill both baalveers, and Ananya (she does anything to protect Debu and Vivaan) .. close friend of Birba and Baambal

Birba- Sidekick of Baambal

Baambal- Underwater King

Ray- 2nd underwater king, likes Ananya, (does not know she and Debu are together), close friend of Zafar

I hope you find this ff very interesting!

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