Love story – Episode 17 (Tension)

hello friends..iam back with 17th episode 😊. I know you all will be very angry for not posting more than 5 months but from now it will be posted regularly. Iam really sorry for not posting it…so let’s go the episode.


recap:- Kartik saves Tina from Raghav and both of them confess their love. Sirat undergoes surgery and everyone consoles her including Abir and Ranveer. Niel and Avni reaches back udaipur and Avni faces trouble and she hides in a iceroom where she feels cold and faints and later Niel tries to save her by giving mouth to mouth reciprocation. Keerthi and Aditya gets engaged. Kartik and naksh plans to expose aditya. Abir saves Mishti from some rowdies and asks forgiveness and Mishti forgives him…



Niel moves away immediately and..

Niel:iam sorry..i..i..i just tried to give you breathe. so please don’t take me wrong.

Avni:no..i understand. So don’t feel bad. And thanks for saving me orelse..

Niel:orelse you would have been frozen as a beautiful statue.

Both laughs..

Niel:and iam sorry for leaving you alone here. But why did you come inside this room?

Avni: actually three goons were threatening to kill me if i dint obey i came here to hide from them..that’s why.

Niel gets shocked and remembers the three goons lying and gets angry..

Niel:ohh my assumption was right. They were lying..i should have arrested them but i missed it.

Avni:what? Did you see them already?

Niel:yes..but they escaped by lying to me.’s okay leave it. Now iam fine na..

Niel:but i won’t leave them. Unless we teach a good lesson to those idiots they won’t change. So i will make them arrested soon.. can continue your inspector duty in your station. But now please drop me soon.

Niel realises that he overacted and..

Niel:iam sorry..i wasted your time. Come i will drop you fast.


Niel takes Avni in his bike and drops her and goes while Avni goss inside and she meets her mom..

Avni:mom..iam sorry for late.

Surekha:you know how scared was i? Can’t you call me and inform me of your whereabouts?

Avni recalls every situation and worries..

Avni:iam sorry mom..there was no signal that’s why.

Surekha:fine..but don’t do this mistake next time. And how is twinkle?

Avni:yeah..she is fine. She is studying so she is so busy..

Avni in mind:i never told anything about twinkle’s missings because i don’t want any tensions to occur in my family.

Surekha:ohh..that’s good.

Avni:did keerthi’s function got over?

Surekha:yes.. before half an hour only it got over.

Avni:ohh shit..i missed it.

Suddenly Keerthi comes there and hugs her..

Keerthi:Avni..i missed you so much.

Avni:yes..even i missed you and missed your engagement.

Keerthi smiles..

Keerthi: don’t can attend my engagement next time.

Surekha and Avni gets confused..

Avni:what? Everyone gets only one time engagement..then what are you telling?

Keerthi giggles and..

Keerthi:you will soon understand it of what I meant..

Keerthi goes and..

Avni:ok..where is Ranveer bhai mom?

Surekha:he went to meet his friend in hospital who have done surgery..

Avni:ohh..ok. then i will go and freshen up and come..


Avni goes while kartiik comes there and he hits Manish..

Kartik:ohh..iam sorry.

Manish:it’s ok.. fathers will forgive sons at every mistakes. So don’t need to apologise.

Kartik stares him..

Kartik in mind: i know he is ready to forgive me for my behavior but i can’t apologise until i expose Aditya in front of you dad.

Kartik goes while Manish stares him sadly..

Manish in mind: still he is rude. He should have apologised for his rude behaviour but he is going as if he is only right. One day he will understand that Aditya is right and then he will apologise me.

Manish too goes..


The singhania’s reaches their house after discharging sirat and bhabhimaa does aarti for sirat..

Bhabhimaa:let no evil cast on you.. eat nicely and sleep well tonight. And Don’t go for practice tomorrow..

Sirat:mumma..but i have second level competition after 3 i have to go. shouldn’t go. If you try to go then i won’t come and watch during your match..

Mishti:yes..even me too.

Everyone says the samething while sirat gets upset..

Sirat:fine i wont go but iam sure i can’t win if i dint go..

Kuhu: don’t worry di..i will show you your future fiance photo..seeing his photo you will get energy and win. He is such a handsome man..

Mishti:ohh..kuhu please shut up. Why don’t you learn to console without kidding?

Kuhu:are you telling to be hitler like you always? When we joke then everyone will smile but if we talk seriously like you then everyone gets irritating only.

Mishti: so you are telling that iam irritating everyone?

Karishma gets angry..

Karishma: shall i knock you both? Why are you both always fighting like this? Can’t you be silent even for sometime?

Mishti and kuhu becomes silent..

Naksh:waah..what a family Karishma aunty? They both are troubling you like KG kids..i think KG kids are better than them. are true.

Mishti and kuhu:bhai…

Sirat:ohh my..iam feeling tired. So you all continue your fun and i will go and sleep now.

Naksh:sorry sorry..come first i will feed you then you go and sleep peacefully.

Naksh feeds sirat while akshara and bhabhimaa smiles..

Akshara: when naksh is there..we don’t need to worry for sirat. He fulfills all the brother’s duty..iam really proud of him.

Bhabhimaa:yes..even me too.


Twinkle was roaming here and there and suddenly Aly comes there..



Aly:what are you doing at this time? Dint you sleep yet? And how did the warden left you?

Twinkle: actually.. actually my friend was missing so i..i came in search of her..

Aly:ohh..that’s very shocking. How did she gone missing? Did she went out to meet someone?

Twinkle:yes..she went to meet her old school friend who have came to Mumbai for visit. And she went long ago..but still she haven’t came.

Aly:ohh my’s not safe in this city to be out at this time. Shall i help you in searching her?

Twinkle hesitates first but later agrees and they both search for twinkle’s friend..

Suddenly she gets tired and..

Twinkle:i..i feel tired. Let me eat something from the shop..

Aly:but every shops are closed as it is 11pm now.

Twinkle:but i can’t walk more..iam really tired.

Aly:wait..I’ll give you the fruit which i have.

Twinkle:fruit? Yuck..

Aly laughs..

Aly:i know you hate it but there is no option better eat it.


Aly takes the banana and he feeds her forcibly..

She eats it making faces..

Twinkle:you are forcing even when you are friend..i hate you.

Aly: whoever iam but i care for everyone’s health..

Twinkle gets suprised and looks him..

Twinkle in mind:he is not a bad guy..

Suddenly a police comes there and..

Police:hey you both..what are you doing at this time? Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?

Aly:no sir..we we are husband and wife.

Twinkle gets shocked and remembers him filling her maang..

Twinkle in mind:that..that means am i really married? Is Aly my husband?

Police:then both go to your house..why are you roaming at this time?

Aly:sir..our..our neighbour is Missing so we were searching her.

Police:why do you care for neighbours this much? If you complaint to us then we will take care of it right?

Suddenly a wounded women runs and comes there shocking Twinkle and everyone..


Disha falls down while Twinkle runs to her..

Twinkle:disha..disha..what happened?

Disha:re..Twinkle..go..go away.. away from Mumbai..please..

Disha dies shocking Twinkle , Aly and the police..

Twinkle shouts:Dishaaaaaa…


The next day Mishti goes to office which is her first day..

Mishti in mind:i hope i do everything well..

Mishti goes in while Abir meets her and..

Abir:wow..miss.cry have reached on time..i never expected this.

Mishti glares Abir and..

Mishti in mind:still he is kidding me.. can start working in that workstation ok?


Abir:how is sirat? Is she taking rest?

Mishti:yes sir..

Abir:ok..tell her that i will come and meet her at evening.

Mishti :ok sir..

Mishti in mind:he seems so interested in sirat..

Abir gives some documents and..

Abir:these are very important documents which should be presented when other clients just save it in computer and send the files to my account.

Mishti:sure sir..

Mishti takes the documents and she again slips but Abir holds her and both meets with an eyelock..

Slowly he makes her stand up and..

Abir:i think i should change your name from miss.cry to careful miss.slip.

Mishti in mind:ohh..i don’t why i always become a joker before him..

Mishti:ok sir..

Mishti goes and she starts working in her computer..

After sometime she recieves a call and she attends it..

Mishti:hello..who is this?

Stranger: iam your well wisher miss. Your father have looted my bank account and escaped..i want him to return my account within tomorrow orelse your family will be in trouble..

Mishti gets shocked and stumbles..

Mishti: i know my father is doing bad things and he is in London..then how can you tell that he looted you? You are in india right as your phone number is of India’s..

Stranger:yes..iam from india only. I don’t know what’s your father playing with you but he has only done such thing..if you don’t believe me then I’ll send his can recognise him.

Mishti gets shocked..

Mishti:ok.. but how do you know me?

Stranger: Iam your father’s ex friend Harman. We both fought last year due to his cheat and i learnt his true identity too..

Mishti:ohh..but please don’t take trouble me or my family.

Harman:i wont until you or your family make your father return my bank amount.

Mishti gets worried ansd she was about to tell something but before that the call ends..

Mishti in mind:what is my father doing? Naitik uncle stayed with my father to help all those who have suffered due to my father and he mainly stayed to make my dad realise his mistake before the family knows him but how did my dad came to India? If he is in India then where is naitik uncle? everything is so confusing…now what will i do?

Suddenly her hands presses the delete button in the computer and everything gets deleted and suddenly Mishti notices it and gets shocked..

Mishti:ohh noo..

Suddenly Abir comes there and.. the clients are coming. Did you finished transferring it?

Mishti gets scared..

Mishti:si..sir..sir woh..

Abir:what happened? Why are you stumbling?

Mishti:sir..sir i copied everything in laptop but before sending got deleted by mistake..iam..iam sorry sir.

Abir gets shocked..

Abir:what?how come you do this?

Mishti:iam..iam really sorry sir..i..i will redo it and send it to you sir..

Abir gets angry and bangs the table while everyone looks at them..

Abir:how can you be so careless like this miss.mishti? I already told that i have to present it in front of clients then how can you be careless like this?

Mishti gets scared..

Mishti:i..i did with mistakingly sir..i..iam really sorry sir.

Abir: Mistakes comes only when you are careless..where was your concentration when you was doing? Now you spoiled everything..if they come.. what will i present? Shall i present your idiot work huh?

Mishti starts to cry on his shougings and..

Mishti: sir..iam really sorry sir. I will complete it within some minutes sir.. please give me a chance sir.

Abir stares Mishti and..

Abir:fine..iam giving you a last chance. So complete within 10 minutes and send to my mail. If you fail then i can fire you..understood?

Mishti fearfully:ok sir..

Abir goes angrily while Mishti does the work cryyingly..


Tina enter the class smiling and she sits near Kunal and Tanvi while Kunal and Tanvi comes in front of her and..


Tina :hi..

Kunal:hey..hey..tell me the truth.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked..

Tina:wh..what truth?

Tanvi:the truth between you and kartik sir…

Tina notices her lips and understands it and worries..

Tina in mind:did..did they that i love kartik? Now how will i convince them?

Tina:no.. nothing is happening. Why are you asking?

Kunal:lie.. seeing kartik’s sir’s care atself we understood that you both love each other..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked and stumbles and tries to hide..

Tina:no..he..he just cares for me as iam deaf.. that’s all.

Tina:ohh really? Even David sir knows your deafness and he was also soft towards you but kartik sir is showing more concern then what is this called?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and stumbles..

Kunal:and kartik sir got tensed and scared when we told that you went hurried..then what is this called?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and stumbles..

Tina in mind:now..they have clearly i can’t hide it anymore.

Tina:yes..i love kartik sir and he too loves me.

Tanvi and Kunal gets suprised and jumps in joy..

Kuna:waahh..our Tina found her’s very amazing.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..

Tanvi:then you should give us treat with your boyfriend.

Tina notices her lips and understands it and makes puppy face..

Tina: don’t expec too much at starting atself..

Kunal:fine..fine..did you both proposed?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..



Suddenly kartik enters and Kunal Tanvi stops their talks and gets up and even Tina sees kartik and gets up and everyone wishes him..

Everyone:good morning sir..

Kartik:good morning..sit down.

Everyone sits down..

Kartik:today..we will see on about how resources plays an important role in everyday life..

Evr:ok sir..

Kartik starts teaching the class writing in board and he explains too..

And suddenly he sees whether Tina is listening in board or not and he gets mesmerized seeing her smile..

Kartik in mind:ohh..this girl..kartik just control. You may be her boyfriend but you are professor before control your heart without getting ashamed..

Kartik turns away and takes class..

Kartik:so students..resources are mainly classified intooo..

Suddenly his eyes sees the smiling Tina and gets mesmerized again and he stumbles..

Kartik in mind:ohh…my’s very hard thing to control a heart.But Tina is distracting me with her control without falling for her smile atleast till the class overs kartik..

Kartik:into two types and theyyy..

He again tries to control his heart seeing her and the students gets confused seeing his actions..

Students:sir..what happened? Why are you getting stuck sir?

Kunal and Tanvi notices Tina smiling seeing kartik and they understand it and smiles..

Kunal:hey..Tanvi..i know why kartik sir is getting stuck..

Tanvi:yes..even i understood. Tina is keeping on he couldn’t control his heart..that’s why.

Kunal:yes..we thought Tina is too innocent but she is really naughty.

They both laugh and giggles while kartik gets stuck seeing tina..

Kartik in lost my control.. students also got how will i control this situation?now i should give some excuse only.. finally this girl have controlled my heart. I will take revenge for sure..

Kartik:so.. students as i got throat pain suddenly..i couldn’t take the class. So i will continue it on tomorrow’s class.. okay?


Kunal: finally kartik sir gave up..

Tanvi:yes..Tina have controlled him in such a way that he couldn’t resist it.

Later after college overs everyone goes while Kunal and Tanvi goes before Tina and..

Kunal: with whom are you going Tina?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina: with my bhai only..

Tanvi is that so? Is it with your bhai or boyfriend?

Tina notices her lips and understands it and blushes..

Tina: actually..i..i iam going with kartik sir only.. then you enjoy..we will leave..

Tina notices her lips and understands it and..


They both leave laughing while Tina too smiles and then messages Neil..

” Bhai..iam coming with my friend so you shal not come to pick me up..bye”

Tina walks aside and suddenly kartik pulls her inside chemistry lab and pulls her more closer making her blush..


Kartik smiles and caresses her face and..

Kartik:tody you have killed have distracted me so much with your now i will take revenge for that..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..

Tina:is it so kartik? If students gets distracted then you professors scold us but if you get distracted then what shall we do?

Kartik:my reason for destruction is as a professor i will punish you with my kiss..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles while kartik comes closer to kiss her..

Tina pushes him away shyly..

Tina:kartik sir..still we are in college so control..

Kartik:then come lets go out and spend sometime together..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..


They both leave in a car and kartik notices a corn shop in a park and stops and takes Tina there..

Kartik:i will bring corn for us..we will enjoy eating corn ok?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..


Kartik brings one corn shocking Tina..

Tina:kartik..where is a corn for you?

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik:for lovers there shall be no second person..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets confused..


Kartik:we will eat with single corn atself..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and shys..

Tina shyingly:ok..

They both eat in single corn atself and meet with an intense eyelock..

They finish eating and..

Tina:it was so nice..

Kartik:was it nice to eat corn or for eating together in a single corn?

Kartik smile naughtily while Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..


Kartik:come..lets spend some time sitting in that chair..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..


Tina holds kartik’s hands and they both go and sit in the chair and they chat for a while and suddenly..

Kartik:today..we had a nice time.. spending time with you is a special moment for me..i love you Tina.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets emotional and..

Tina:even i too love you made my life beautiful which was left incomplete.

Suddenly Tina cries shocking kartik and caresses her face and..

Kartik:why are you crying Tina?iam always there for don’t cry.

Tina lies on his chest and..

Tina:i know you are there with me kartik. You have filled the emptiness in my life..but still i feel lonely. You know what..i used to sleep most of the day in my house to get rid of the bore and whenever i wake up i see everyone watching movie and laughing but when i go near them they off the TV immediately to not show my pain but i feel very bad that i couldn’t enjoy like them…

Tina cries more and..

Tina:then you have came and filled that bore..i made my heart that you are there always to fill happiness in my life. But i can’t able to enjoy like can enjoy the fun with others but i cannot do that. Only when someone speaks before me..i can understand it but other than that i can’t feel any fun or happiness in my life.

Tina again cries and..

Tina: i..i can feel your love but i..i miss your voice too. I can’t hear you’re voice. Sometimes we feel happy when we hear our loved one’s voice but i dont have such chance too..why kartik why? I feel many things incomplete yet…you know how my world is? Everything is silent..everytime is silent and everywhere is silent for me kartik. Silent is killing me always…

Tina cries more while kartik feels her pain and he too gets emotional and caresses her face and wipes her tears and consoles..

Kartik:Tina..i can feel your situation. I can feel how hard it will be for you..but i promise i will erase all your pain and bring only happiness in your life. Don’t worry for my will soon hear it. When krishnaji is there with us then he will surely return your hearing…

Kartik slowly kisses her hands making Tina smile emotionally..

Tina:i too hope that krishnaji hears my prayers..if he returns my hearing ability then my first duty is only to hear your voice because iam very much eager to hear your voice..

Kartik smiles emotionally while Tina kisses his cheeks smiling..

Tina:i love you kartik..thank you for always being there for me in hard times.

Kartik: i will always be there in every situation.. though it may be hard or happy situation. I promise i will always there be near you..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles and lies on his chest while kartik embraces her…

Tina:hope this day never ends.. it was such a good day with you.

Suddenly kartik gets a call and he attends it..

Kartik:hello mr.hardik? iam sorry sir..i couldn’t get the evidence against Aditya.

Kartik gets shocked and angry..

Kartik:what nonsense mr.hardik? We appointed you to trace aditya’s act but you couldn’t do it and that too you are telling at the last moment. Tomorrow is what shall we do?

Hardik:iam really sorry sir..i tried to follow Aditya but something went wrong. Please do something sir..iam really sorry sir.

Hardik cuts the call while kartik stands tensed and he calls naksh..

Naksh:hello kartik.. couldn’t collect evidence against Aditya.

Naksh gets shocked..

Naksh:what? Now what will we do? How will we stop tomorrow’s marriage?

Kartik:i don’t know..we will do something. Shall we meet at 8 pm today?

Naksh:why not..sure.

They cut the call and kartik comes to Tina while Tina notices his tensed face and..

Tina:kartik.. what happened? Why do you look tensed?

Kartik stands before Tina and caresses her face and..’s some important matter. I will tell you tomorrow ok? Now i have to go i will drop you home ok?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..



sirat comes ready and..

Sirat:maa..i will go out and walk for sometime and come.

Akshara:ok beta..walk safely.

Sirat:ok maa..

Sirat goes and walks for sometime in the road..


Suddenly kartik hugs Tina and kisses her cheeks..

Sirat passes that way and sees kartik hugging Tina and gets shocked but she doesn’t sees Tina’s face..

Sirat in mind:he..he..he is only ka.. kartik..whom..whom mom my fiance..but he is hugging someone. he loves someone?

Sirat runs back immediately to her home while tina blushes and pushes Kartik..

Tina: enough of your told that you have some important work right? So go and do that..

Kartik smiles and caresses her and..

Kartik: whatever problem i face but i won’t leave you lonely and don’t chase me like this.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..

Tina:fine..then i will request you to leave in my home.

Kartik:ok..let’s meet tomorrow.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..


Kartik drops Tina in her house and goes..



precap:- Tina threatens Aditya and Manish sees the reality of Aditya. Abir shouts Mishti to get out of the offfice. Sirat meets Ranveer.


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