Love Is in The Air Episode 59

Recap: Everyone plan and capture Komolika and Aryan

Episode starts
Abir, Kartik, Naira, Prerna, Anurag, Keerthi and Naksh celebrate their success. Kartik’s mobile rings and it is Akash

Kartik: Akash..we have captured them both
Akash: Good..and we have a good news for you
Kartik: What is that?
Akash: We have found out polo’s killer
Kartik: What you guys found Polo’s killer?
Everyone get excited to hear it
Akash: you guys come to my office with Aryan and Komolika. I’ll explain it to you

Everyone rush to Akash’s office with Komolika and Aryan. Mishti, Ishani, Jia, Tanvi, Rahul, Naina and Akash are there with clusters of files, reports and some samples
Naksh: Arrey have found Polo’s killer but you seem to be sad rather than happy
Anurag: What happened?
Akash: If I reveal the killer you guys will be sad too
Abir: Aisa kon hai yaar?
Just then they hear a voice : Mein hoon woh killer
All turn to see Rupali standing at the door
Kartik: Rupali?
Rupali walks in
Abir: But Akash?
Akash: Abir, When we were cross checking the reports of Rupali and Polo as they are father and daughter we found out that the samples of the killer of polo match with Rupali. But we never thought that she will come here
Rupali: Arrest me Akash
Akash: Rupali..actually you have murdered an accused
Naina: So we can bail you out
Rupali: I not only killed Polo aka Praveen but I also killed Aditya
Everyone is shocked
Keerthi: Aditya?
Rupali: Haan. He spoke of raping you before your wedding. That enraged me and I had to kill that brat by myself
Just then Rajdeep Mehta enters with his men
Mr.Mehta: Whats going on Rupali? You killed my men? And betrayed me
Rupali: Rajdeep I did for your good
Mr.Mehta: What good in protecting these people?
Rupali: You know nothing
Mr.Mehta: I know every damn thing, I saw their names in your diary , the reason for your coma state when I was away on a business tour and when I came back this Naina curbed my business which was earning money for your treatment
Rupali: Naina is a good lawyer she wont allow illegal business Rajdeep and regarding the names of Goenkas , Singhanias and Basus I was tracing my biological parents while you were away and thats why the names were in my diary. They dont have any connection to my accident
Rajdeep: You found your biological parents? Who are they?
Rupali: Your very own Polo aka Praveen is my biological dad and Mithali Gupta is my biological mother
Rajdeep: Rupali?
Rupali tells all about the past of Praveen and Mithali
Rajdeep: Matlab….what I was doing all these days is sin….I was getting my revenge from people
Rupali: From people who already lost a lot because of my dad
Rajdeep: I never knew that you are Polo’s daughter. I knew that he had enmity with the three families but never thought of this. Why did you hide this from me?
Rupali: From the day I gained consciousness you are working against them, were you even paying heed to my words? And worse was when you brought Polo into this plot. Rajdeep Kartik is my mami’s son, Naira and Naksh’s parents protected me when I was in my mom’s womb and you were acting against them.
Rajdeep breaks down
Rajdeep: Sorry Rupali..wish I had listened to you earlier now…now..because of my you had to commit murders….I…Akash…Ill surrender….dont do anything to Rupali….Ill surrender for all my crimes
Rupali: Rajdeep…even Ill surrender
Akash: Rupali your punishment will be reduced as you have murdered two criminals…and Rajdeep Mehta…you have to pay for all the deeds…all those illegal businesses will have their end and you will face the law. Constables arrest them
Rupali hugs Kartik
Rupali: Kartik you asked me right why am I helping you…its because Im your sister. Sorry that because of my dad…..
Kartik: Rupali.please…..dont say sorry and embarrass me….I never thought that you will be polo’s daughter. Im sorry if I had hurt you
Rupali goes to Anurag and Keerthi and folds her hands
Rupali: Anurag …Keerthi…that father of mine betrayed you from your dad..Im….
Anurag: Nahi Rupali you need not apologise for that animal’s deeds…you and your mom are equal victims….please dont feel guilty
Keerthi: Haan Rupali….you, have killed Aditya for my sake….Im….
Rupali: Keerthi….you were in the team of doctors who saved me…its my…
Keerthi: People pay fees to doctors but you…you….
Rupali: I could not stand and watch someone doing a misdeed which ruined my mom’s life to someone else too…I had to do it
Rupali walks to Naksh and Naira
Rupali: Convey my thanks to Mr and Mrs Singhania. Without them my mom would have faced hell
She then goes to Prerna and Mishti
Rupali: Prerna…Mishti…sorry…
Akash’s men cuff Rajdeep and Rupali and they are taken into custody
Kunal: Finally…all crime mysteries over
Kuhu: Now it is Naksh bhai’s wedding ritual time
Rahul: Guys please smile….all bad times are over..let’s celebrate
Everyone share a group hug. The episode freezes



Naira vs Kabir
Keerthi consoles Naksh
Abir, Mishti, Kuhu and Kunal’s happy moments
Anurag surprises Prerna


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