Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to kill Karan in the party

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Karan enters the party where his fans immediately start taking selfies with him, prithvi wonders where is his enemy as if he sees him once then he would not be alive anymore.

Rishab tris to explain something else when Preeta informs when she is going to tell Karan about their anniversary then he is going to be happy but it would not be the only surprise since she is also going to reveal the truth about Natasha, Rishab exclaims they are going to throw away all of the negativity, Preeta exclaims he would even then not come to say sorry since he is The karan Luthra. Karan gets really jealous after seeing Preeta smiling with Rishab so goes to the bar inquiring if they have an iphone charger when he starts drinking meanwhile Prithvi takes out a knife hiding it in his pocket.

Karan takes his phone but is shocked to see Rishab so close with Preeta, he is left baffled seeing the photos of the together so gets restless and starts drinking when the bartender informs him it is a really strong whisky but karan doesnot listen to his warnings and drinks the entire bottle, Preeta sees karan at the bar when Rishab exclaims, he is just going to come in a moment.

Shristhi walking to the party exclaiming she had a lot of fun and he took care of er boyfriend Roxy with just a single punch, she really likes when he does these kinds of stunts, Sameer abruptly asks if she is going to marry him, Shristhi gets shocked questioning what is he saying when he replies that he wanted to say this from the start but now wants t o ask if she will marry him, Shristhi leaves when Sameer is shocked as he managed to gather the strength to say such a big thing.

Prithvi is slowly walking towards Karan when Rishab stops him questioning karan what is he doing, he bars the bartender from giving him any more of the drinks, he keeps on questioning what has happened but karan doesnot reply, Preeta also comes with a smile handing him the mask, Karan mentions she is the one who needs to hide her true face so would need the mask, Rishab is left baffled questioning karan what has happened.

Karan takes Preeta to the dance floor where they both start their performance and everyone is really enjoying it but Preeta feels as if something is wrong because of the intensity that karan has in the dance, she feels something is wrong and even Shristhi realizes that something is wrong, Karan questions Preeta if she loves him when she questions what sort of a question is this, he asks f she feels she made a mistake by marrying him while she loves someone else, Preeta mentions that he is hurting her but karan explains even she has hurt him, he leaves her shocking everyone to the extent that they get worried.

Natasha moves her chair titling it to cause the water to fall on Roxy, he immediately stands to open the rope when Natasha explains she has to make sure that Karan doesnot get to know the truth because then he would find out she is already married so no law can make him marry her, Roxy explains if she gets married with karan then no one can do anything about it, Natasha says that she feels there is just a single way and she must silence Preeta once and for all.

Karan is walking in the hall, he is frustrated thinking if what he heard is the truth as Preeta is having an affair with Rishab, Natasha sees karan from the corner so feels he is still really angry and Preeta did not tell him the truth, she notices that someone is walking towards Karan, Roxy and Natasha both manage to pull the person to the room where she removes his mask and is shocked to see it is Prithvi, she exclaims he was the one who was trying to harm Karan when prithvi replies people tend to realize his voice, he went in front of Preeta few days ago in disguise when she recognized his voice, there are a lot of guests outside so would know his truth, Natasha asks why does he want to kill Karan when Prithvi questions what is she talking about when she has been living in the Luthra house for a long time, Prithvi explains Karan has ruined his life so now it is his turn and he is not going to ruin his life but in reality kill him, Natasha warns prithvi to not do anything of the sort since she is about to get married with karan so he would not do anything stupid, Prithvi explains that he has a deal for them so she wants to marry Karan but after this happen, she will give him every dime that karan owns, Roxy agrees with Prithvi mentioning he could be of use in the future, Prithvi mentions he is going to wait in the car and she will surely need his help.

Preeta asks Rishab jee if he saw Karan, he replies he saw karan when he was dancing with her, Preeta sees Karan with one of his fan so goes to him mentioning she needs to talk with him but karan walks away exclaiming he is busy, another person comes mentioning his daughter is a big fan of Karan so can he get an autograph. Preeta is stunned when she sees Karan drinking extensively so questions if he is busy or angry with her, karan replies he is really angry with her and was thinking when was the last time they both laughed, Preeta asks what is he talking about when he mentions he saw that she is really happy with someone else but what is wrong in him that she is not happy by his side, Preeta requests karan to wait as she wants to give him answers for all his questions, Preeta explains they are going to be disturbed in the house, she requests him to come outside with her but he pulls his hand away explaining he is surely going to meet her alone.

Preeta rushes to Rishab informing that she asked Karan to come outside the house as she is surely going to tell him about the anniversary but he must come after ten minutes with the proofs that they have gathered against Natasha, Rishab replies he assured her to always be her support but it has gotten really late so he is going to accompany her, she can spend some quality time alone with karan till she needs his help, Preeta agrees to his advice when Rishab mentions when karan would get calm they are going to celebrate their anniversary, Preeta starts smiling.

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