Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan announces his wedding with Natasha to stop Preeta

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Preeta explains there is an entire recording about the game which he played, he is aware of everything that has been done, prithvi questions what does he know, Preeta replies that Rishab Luthra is locked in the jail because of him and will get hanged in a few days, if he doesnot give them fifty crores then Prithvi could not get any property of Rishab Luthra, Prithvi gets frustrated warning him to stop talking because he doesnot know anything and the extent of problems he had to face in order to get the property of Rishab, Prithvi exclaims he is the only one who has the right, he first tried to give Rishab drugs but he doesnot do anything wrong, he then planted a fake friend in his life but Rishab managed to even end his lust for drugs, after which he finally hired the mafia in Dubai who managed to throw Rishab in the cell, he made sure Rishab believes that no one from his family wants to meet him and even he cannot call them at all, Prithvi snatches the CD from Preeta, and destroys it using the stick from the wooden box, explaining he has ended the proof in just a minute so now he would not be able to go back and prepare another evidence because he will not leave this compound alive, Prithvi stabs her in the stomach before running away after hearing the noise of the alarm, Prithvi bumps into Sherlin questioning why did she come in when she replies that she wanted to check him, he exclaims they need to run away.

Shristhi wonders who was the girl with him when Sameer explains that it was Prithvi, they both rush and see Preeta lying down on the floor when she tries to wake her up, Shristhi feels as if Preeta has died seeing the blood, Sameer sees that she is waking so calms Shristhi, Preeta sits up explaining that this blood is of prithvi as he got injured while trying to break the CD, and then she got unconscious when he pushed her away, Shristhi gets shocked explaining that the phone got destroyed, Preeta immediately takes out the other phone from the bag explaining that she had brought two phones, as she knew that Prithvi would surely come following Prithvi so she needed to be prepared, Shristhi questions how did she not get injured at all when Preeta replies she had worn the padding. Shristhi questions when did she get the time to wear it, Preeta replies that she knew something wrong would happen, this is why she was prepared. Preeta explains she made sure to get all the recording regarding the proofs and confession of Prithvi, she was clever enough to press the button on the siren because of which Prithvi ran away without seeing who was the one behind the disguise. Preeta exclaims now she would surely leave for Dubai tomorrow as they must save Rishab jee, Sameer takes the bag when she leaves with them both.

Karan is drinking the room when Preeta enters, he exclaims Preeta aurora is back and questions where did she go wearing such clothes, Preeta replies there is nothing going on but he asks what is happening in her mind, she asks why is he angry when he did not get engaged with Natasha, Karan gest tensed asking if she really thinks he is angry that he did not get engaged, Preeta questions what is the need for this drama as she knows he is not interested in anyone but is doing this to make her jealous, Karan exclaims they would play the trust game, he mentions this is a relation and it is made by being with each other but she cares for everyone else beside him, she vows to bring Rishab jee back and is even worried for the health of Mahesh papa but where is he in all of this situation, he questions where was she coming from. Preeta thinks everything would be ruined if she tells him the truth, she therefor demands some more time when Karan asks then why is she forcing him to stay in such a relation, he exclaims he is done with her and she has the time till tomorrow evening, she starts weeping.

Sherlin is in the hall when Natasha enters through the gate, Natasha questions if she says that the police was fake then what is she going to say, Sherlin replies that Preeta told Prithvi that the police was fake and it was all the plan of Shristhi and Preeta, Natasha exclaims that she made a big mistake when Karina and Kritika also come asking how did she manage to get the bail so easily, Natasha replies that they realized it was just a mistake, Kritika questions how can they just release her and what was the need to arrest her as because of it her engagement was postponed. Karina advises her to go and freshen up after which they are going to sit on the breakfast together. Karan is constantly trying to demand the answer of his question from Preeta, she tries to leave when he asks if this work is more important then their relation, Preeta turns assuring she is going to sit down with him once she comes back but must leave now as this work is as important as their relation, he tries stopping her but then Natasha suggests he should announce his marriage after which she will stop, Preeta immediately stops but Natasha thinks Preeta must leave this house and never come back, Natasha suggests that she would come back just as she gets to know that they are executing the plan, Karina is really happy as this is what she desired and even Dadi doesnot have any problem with this marriage, they all hug her asking Ganesh to set the table.

Prithvi congratulate Natasha asking who did she learn to play this game for, Natasha replies she told him that she is a street-smart girl but she did not learn anything from him.

In the night Shristhi and Sameer are standing looking at Karan, she exclaims he is really angry with her and if they go to explain anything he will not listen. Preeta is the only one who can do anything, she prays where is Preeta di.

Natasha questions Sherlin why is she acting like her real sister when Sherlin replies that she knows Natasha would not get married so easily without doing all this drama, Natasha exclaims that she is sure that she will get married with karan because the person who can stop her is not here, Sherlin exclaims she is really innocent because Preeta’s sister Shristhi and the person who is always by her side, Sameer will also do all that they can to stop this marriage, Shristhi exclaims that she doesnot want this marriage to happen, Sameer assures that it would not have any meaning in the eyes of the law, Shristhi explains there are a lot of things that are not legal but her sister would spend most of her life proving that she is the wife of Karan.

Natasha explains Shristhi and Sameer can do whatever they feel like but she would surely get married with Karan and this cannot end, Sherlin asks why is she so sure when Natasha thinks she went to his room explaining that she explained he is the only who comes in her dreams and she is saying that she doesnot have any problem if he loves Preeta but she just wants to say they must get married to the person who loves them, he must act in front of everyone that he is marrying the person he loves so must see how Preeta gets hurt at that moment, she mentions until she is not scared of him marrying someone else then would not do anything to stop this marriage, she knows she is stressed so must drink the water, she poured him a glass of water before mixing a pill in it, Natasha mentions he would only be so awake that he walks or hears them but his ability to think will have ended, for the next three hours he would be under the influence of the pill during which they would have gotten married, Sherlin gets shocked hearing the plan of Natasha who is smiling.

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