Kazuki Minamoto’s Kabe Koji Boys Love Manga Gets Live-Action Show – News

Kōdai Matsuoka, Masaki Nakao star in October show about star indie manga creator, star male idol’s relationship

Asahi Broadcasting Corporation announced on Thursday that it is producing a live-action show of Kazuki Minamoto’s Kabe Sa Dōjin Sakka no Nekoyashiki-kun wa Shōnin Yokkyū o Kojiraseteiru (Popualr Indie Creator Nekoyashiki is Making His Yearning for Approval Worse) boys love manga that will star Kōdai Matsuoka and Masaki Nakao, and will premiere in October.

Tatsunori Satō is will be one of the directors for the show. Shinya Hokimoto is penning the scripts.

The manga centers on the relationship between manga creator Kōniku-sensei (real name Mamoru Nekoyashiki), and popular male idol Issay (real name Issei Kazama). Nekoyashiki is popular in indie dōjin manga events, and he uses his popularity to satisfy his need for public approval. He reunites with his childhood friend Issei at one such indie manga convention, after being apart from each other for five years. The “kabe sa” term in the title is short for “kabe circle” (wall circle) — a slang term for indie manga groups or “circles” that are popular enough for their booths to be placed beside the wall of the convention, for ease of line management.

Minamoto launched the manga in Tokuma Shoten‘s Comic Ryū website in 2020, and it is ongoing. Tokuma Shoten will publish the manga’s fourth compiled book volume on June 13.

futekiya previously licensed Minamoto’s Gozen Reiji no Shitsuren Doukoukai manga. Yen Press licensed Minamoto’s The Gay Who Turned Kaiju (Kaijū ni Natta Gay) manga, and it will release the first volume in October.

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