Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akriti learns Anu and Gungun’s marriage truth

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anu saying Charu will ask me to choose one of you and family. Golu says I will support you. Gungun says its about Akriti also. Anu says I didn’t do anything wrong, you are my wife. She says Akriti is your legal wife, she can take a legal action on you. He says I don’t know, she can’t make me separated from you. She says what about your family, they will get hurt, I can’t let this happen. He asks what do you want. She says go and handle Akriti. He says Khushi and Neeti are with her, I won’t leave you and go. Golu says you are right, Anu, take her to the hotel. Gungun says I will stay in a different room, you will stay with Akriti, accept this condition or I will end the relation here. Golu asks them to go before Akriti comes. Anu takes Gungun.

Akriti comes and asks did you know this. Golu denies it. Neeti says he is right. Akriti says I can’t blame anyone, when Garima is with Gungun. Golu says I m thinking of Gungun’s safety. She gets angry and says to hell with that girl. He asks her to come to the hotel. Ranvijay keeps an eye, and sees Anu and Gungun coming. He says maybe Akriti caught them red-handed. Gungun goes to her room and shuts the door. Anu knocks the door. Ranvijay sees Akriti coming. He says now there will be a big drama in the hotel, we will attack that time. Anu asks Gungun not to do this. Gungun packs the bag. Anu worries and asks her to open the door. Gungun gives his bag and says Anu will go to Akriti’s room. Anu says don’t say this, you can’t forcibly break this relation. She says we can’t force our relation. Ankit says Akriti is your wife. Anu says no, I have married Gungun before, I will tell this truth to Akriti and end our relation. Gungun says no, both the relations will end. Anu says you know I can’t live without you. She says I can’t live by making you away from your family, think well and decide. She shuts the door. Anu shouts. Yug and Ankit take him.

Akriti asks why did you ruin my life by cheating me, don’t test my patience, get your girlfriend out. He says just talk to me. She says decision will be taken now. Neeti asks Akriti to stop shouting, the matter will drag more. Akriti argues. Neeti and Khushi scold Anu and say we feel ashamed of you. Akriti says I want to know the entire truth. She knocks the door and asks Gungun to open the door. Gungun cries and says I didn’t know our happiness will be so short-lived, I have to face this truth, I have no right on Anu, my sindoor has no value. Akriti scolds Anu. She starts insulting Gungun and takes Riddhesh’s name. Gungun comes out and asks her not to take her dad’s name. Akriti asks are you not ashamed to have an affair with your sister’s husband, you are characterless. Anu shouts Akriti. Akriti asks what’s your relation with her, shall I say, what such girls are called. Anu shouts enough, don’t dare to say anything against her. Akriti says I will not keep quiet now. Golu says stop it, Gungun isn’t characterless, I didn’t want to say it, but now I have to say, Anu is the person who filled Gungun’s maang, Gungun is Anu’s wife. Akriti gets shocked. She asks how dare you and raises hand on Gungun. Anu holds her hand. She says I won’t ask when and why this happened, answer in the court, see you in the court. Gungun says please don’t say this, I will go away from Anu and you. Neeti scolds Gungun. Anu says don’t blame Gungun. Akriti asks shall I blame my fate or my heart which loves a liar like you. Anu says I love Gungun, this is the truth. Akriti asks why did you marry me then. Gungun says you have a right on him legally, I promise I will go away from you. Akriti says I will not forgive you, but ruin you. Anu says don’t drag Gungun in this, punish me. Akriti asks him to wipe off Gungun’s sindoor. Gungun says I regard Anu as my husband, if you promise to not take any legal action, then I will promise that I won’t around you both. She shuts the door. Anu knocks the door. Golu asks Anu to decide it. Neeti says Anu can’t get family and Gungun’s love. Neeti says Anu will lose everything. He asks Akriti to go. She threatens Anu. She asks Anu to decide now, where will he go, to Gungun or her. Gungun cries.

Gungun says sorry and cries. She writes a letter. Akriti says you will do what I say and what I want. Anu looks on.

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