Kaamna 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav and Niharika reveal that they are aware of the truth

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Manav starts reciting some verses for Akanksha exclaiming she got a lot of tears, Manav questions Vibhav how does he know Dr Kalay hearing which he gets tensed but Niharika also looks at him in anger.

Sometime earlier Akanksha questions how is it possible since this lehenga got burnt, Bubbly exclaims she is really stupid as she still doesnot know how the lehenga got the real owner, she reveals how she was the one who switched the lehenga and even took the entire jewelry. Akanksha explains that she is the one who proved to be a snake, she is about to slap her when Bubbly reveals she vowed to ruin her life the day she sent Karan to jail, and now seeing her condition today she is really happy, Bubbly reveals her mission has ended in this house so Akanksha must start taking care of herself since now no one would be by her side.

Akanksha questions Vibhav how much time is it going to take for him to understand that Niharika doesnot want them both to get married and he should tell her that he only love her, Niharika exclaims the one who he loved the most is standing in front of him, Vibhav asks where was she in the past seven years as he missed her a lot and they even did a play, Akanksha questions what is he doing s she is her soon to be wife so he must tell Niharika to get lost as he loves her, Niharika questions Vibhav if he is going to ask her to leave but Vibhav pushes Akanksha away exclaiming he only loved Niharika and cried with tears of blood, he is the only one who knows about the truth seeing which Niharika jee starts to be romantic.

Mr Holkar informs Manav that he is worried if Vibhav manages to once again trap his daughter Manav replies that she is a brilliant woman and knows the truth about Vibhav so he is sure that she would not make the same mistake twice, Mr Holkar replies that he trusts the decision of Manav as he is the one who managed to bring his daughter back, Mr Holkar replies that he feels everything has sorted as he got the custody of Yatho and Ayesha her mother.

Niharika is with Vibhav revealing she longed for him in the past seven years and each night she just saw him, she touches him which angers Akanksha who warns her to take her hands off Vibhav as she got really late and now Vibhav is about to marry her, he assures that he is going to correct all his mistakes and now nothing wrong can happen, Niharika exclaims that she is still standing here, he must ask her to leave this house, Vibhav turns mentioning she must take only her belongings and leave this house, he says that Ranay would help her in it but Akanksha replies she doesnot need the help of anyone.

Akanksha is walking in the hall when she bumps into Bubbly who asks if her dreams got ruined, she reveals that she is now finally going to leave this Kapoor mansion, Bubbly offers to share a cab with her as now she would not have any money, Akanksha questions if she was the one who did it all but Bubbly replies Vibhav was the one who tried to scare her so she runs away and not marry him, she just burnt the lehenga in the last moment, she is now going to live with her husband.

Manav starts taunting Akanksha as she is walking past the Mandap thinking that her dreams got ruined in a moment, Akanksha threatens to see Manav when he is smiling saying they are to be looked at, she leaves cursing Manav, Sakshi mam inquires where is she going to when Manav replies Akanksha herself said where is she headed to.

Mr Holkar explains he and Ayesha are really grateful for him as he did a really big favor, Manav replies he did not do anything as it is the lust for money that ruins everything.

Vibhav questions Niharika where was she in the past seven years, Vibhav tries to question her the name of that doctor as he is going to take revenge, Niharika asks if he doesnot want to know who is the person who saved her life, Niharika starts recalling about the moments spent with Manav and explains she can never forget the name of that doctor, Niharika asks Vibhav to come with her.

Manav is standing when Sakshi mam tries to talk with him but Niharika calls Manav, he greets Vibhav mentioning because of him, his wife left him but he managed to bring back his real wife and he feels Vibhav would be really happy, Vibhav gets a call from someone, it is Akanksha who questions if he is the one who blocked her cards since she cannot even check in the hotel, Vibhav acts as if it is the wrong number and ends the call, Niharika informs him they are the ones who blocked the cards, she asks her father to come as they have a lot to discuss about, she gets close with Manav which hurts Sakshi mam. She hears the conversation of Yatho and Ayesha so texts him revealing she is going back home as Mummi jee would be alone, she tries to think why is she feeling tensed because of what is going on.
Manav after drinking tea mentions he can reveal the truth because she is insisting, Manav questions Vibhav how does he know Dr Kalay but Vibhav mentions that he would have met a lot of doctors, Niharika exclaims she is the one who is going to reveal the truth so asks Manav to show the footage, Vibhav is shocked seeing the footage in which he is talking with Dr Kalay, Mr Holkar questions Manav why did he not show him this footage earlier, he plans to kill Vibhav at which Manav replies that the person should have at least some strength left but he feels Vibhav cannot even breathe properly.

Manav informs both Vibhav and Dr Kalay were right in their own way, he calls Ayesha to come out and requests her to show the magic, she calls Vibhav and takes out the same voice as Niharika hearing which Vibhav is left stunned but both Manav and Niharika jee are smiling, he asks the children to go and play in the room.

Yatho entering the room praises Ayesha, they take out the mobile to play when he sees the text of Sakshi mam so calls her questioning why did she leave without meeting him, Sakshi mam replies she was not feeling nice so she came back, Ayesha takes the phone explaining she should have been here as both Manav and her mother are humiliating Vibhav, Sakshi mam replies she doesnot feel suitable but Yatho says he is going to come to her as soon as possible, Sakshi mam after ending the call starts thinking about what Ayesha said and so wonders why is she feeling like this, Sakshi mam wonders if they would have noticed her absence.

Precap: Niharika vows to not leave him and he has two choices either to send him to jail or he can live with her as her servant, Manav informs she is once again making the same mistake twice, Vibhav is shocked but Manav seems frustrated.

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