Kaamna 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akanksha plans to marry Vibhav

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Akanksha is shocked after seeing the Lehenga burning when Ranay mentions this was a really good plan, Vibhav replies he did not do anything, Bubbly comes with a women seeing who Vibhav asks who is this, she replies the women is his wife, Vibhav is shocked to see when it is Niharika.

Some time earlier, Yatho exclaims they both have to act, Ayesha doesnot understand, he explains he is going to be Ayesha while she must act like her mother, Ayesha agrees so he says he is going to come, Ayesha lies down on the sofa when Yatho comes requesting her to look who is in front of her as she is her daughter, Ayesha acts explaining she got really old without her and who was the one that helped her, she notices that Yatharth is really crying so asks him to come and sit beside her, he mentions that her mother got kidnapped but in reality his mother had left her for someone else, Ayesha hugs him explaining what if he doesnot have his mother as there are a lot of people around him who love him a lot, she asks him to show his cute smile. They both hug each other.

Mr Holkar is sitting beside Niharika jee trying to wake her up but Manav seeing him requests Mr Holkar to go and rest in his room as they all are with her, but he refuses when Sakshi mam assures Niharika jee is with her own so what does he want that he gets ill just as she starts to recover, Mr Holkar questions why is she not waking up, Manav forces him to leave. Sakshi mam asks Manav what will happen if she doesnot wake up and the court declares her dead, Manav mentions they do not have any other option but to wait, he knows Bhagwan would not do something so wrong with MR Holkar and Ayesha.

Vibhav wakes up in the morning with the noise of band, he sees the phone in which Doctor kalay has send the text, Vibhav smiles seeing that the work has completed so calls Dr Kalay congratulating him for what he has done as their work since the past seven years finally bore fruit, Vibhav mentions he is going to send a lot of money in his account after which he must leave India. Doctor Kalay replies this is the first time he is hearing his voice.

Vibhav is shocked to see that Akanksha is sitting and they all are applying Haldi to her, she seeing Vibhav asks him to come and join her but he refuses, Vibhav signals Ranay who goes to the back, when he comes back they all are shocked seeing Akanksha, Bubbly asks her to look at her Haldi, she is shocked to see that it has turned red, all of the guests leave in a hurry when one of them advises Akanksha to not get married as these signs show that someone is surely going to die, Akanksha gets mad asking the worker to bring the water for her, but Vibhav is looking at her in a tensed look, she asks him to get ready as the Pandit jee isa bout to arrive. Akanksha is standing in the room when Bubbly comes and is impressed seeing the lehenga, she informs Akanksha would look like a heroine in it, Akanksha explains this belonged to Niharika and she did not want her to get married with Vibhav but now she is going to go in the mandap wearing this lehenga, the worker comes informing that the wood is not lighting in the Mandap. Akanksha walks in the Mandap before pouring some oil on the woods, seeing this Pandit jee gets scared but Akanksha exclaims the woods have lit up so now he must start all the rituals.

Bubbly is yelling Akanksha to come and see what is going on, Akanksha gets shocked seeing the Lehenga is o fire, Bubbly replies she is going to call someone from outside, Akanksha wipes of her face exclaiming this wedding doesn’t need any lehenga or jewelry but it would surely happen.

Vibhav is getting ready in the room when Ranay comes explaining he is looking like a perfect groom but Vibhav replies it is not funny when Ranay offers to help him get ready, Vibhav explains that the boys are doing a lot of work to stop this wedding so Ranay must give them a bonus, he explains this day is proving to be really auspicious for him so he calls Manav mentioning today is really good for him but he needs to make it better and if Manav has vacated the house to which he replies he is at the Kapoor mansion to attend his wedding.

Vibhav goes with Ranay mentioning they all are uninvited guests; he leaves mentioning he has to take care of some work and that nothing should be left. Vibhav questions Akanksha why did she invite Manav to which she says that she wanted him to see what it feels like to fly.

Vibhav exclaims he is going to buy a new lehenga for her, Bubbly comes with a woman who is wearing the lehenga of Niharika, Bubbly mentions that she is his wife which angers Akanksha, Niharika lifts the veil exclaiming she is still alive wearing the Lehenga, Akanksha starts smiling mentioning that this is a new plan but Niharika replies that she is still alive, she slaps Akanksha who is shocked.

Manav standing thinks that he doesnot feel it would be right if Yatho sees his mother getting humiliated, he asks Ayesha and Yatho to go back home but she replies that she is in her house and is going to live with her mother, Mr Holkar replies even he is going to live with them all, he is really worried about Niharika as she just healthy, but is still really weak. Mr Holkar explains that she was an iron lady for all her employees but he saved her life so only needs to call her Niharika.

Niharika is in the room when Bubbly replies that the real wife of Vibhav has returned with the original lehenga, Akanksha starts getting paranoid asking Vibhav to show her what she means in his life but he is not able to say anything and stands there quiet, Niharika then asks him how is she looking, he starts praising her.

Precap: Akanksha exclaims she got really late as now Vibhav belongs to her, Vibhav mentions he has missed her even more, Niharika hugs Vibhav asking him to order Akanksha to leave the house, he instructs Akanksha to leave and pack only her belongings.

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