Kaamna 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav vows to make the culprits pay for what they have done to yatharth

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The nurse asks them both to go outside as they need to run some more tests, Manav promises to not leave the person who did this to him, he would surely get punished for his crimes but Yatho should just get better as soon as possible, Akanksha goes to hug Vibhav who asks if Yatho is fine, Meera exclaims she feels it is not an accident but a well planned move so this is why she has already filed an FIR with Holkar sir. Sakshi mam explains she feels Meera is right as the biker instead of protecting Yatho was coming with full speed, Vibhav gets restless when Mr Holkar explains the rivals have surrounded them so he also feels it was a well-planned, Vibhav questions what is he saying because even if they are business rivals then he cannot even think of doing anything like this to Yatho as he is the son of Akanksha so is also like his son, Manav gets angry taking Vibhav by the collar mentioning Yatho was never his son, the nurse comes questioning what is going on when Mr Holkar calms down Manav. Vibhav, explain he feels Manav is really tensed and that if he finds anything against him in the case of Yatho so he would always comply, he even explains Mr Holkar should control himself before he finds anything against him.

Vibhav is with Akanksha assuring that nothing would happen to her champ, she looks angrily at him when he asks what has happened, she questions if he has anything to do in this accident, he replies he has seen a lot of dreams with her and Yatho so would not do anything of the sort when Akanksha threatens to ruin his life if she finds out he had anything to do in it all, he leaves mentioning he is going to bring coffee, Vibhav takes out his phone.
Manav is standing when Ayesha comes with a smile informing Yatho has regained consciousness, they all thank Bhagwan for it before heading inside, Manav kisses Yatho apologizing for what happened since he called him a lot of times but he was not able to answer, Sakshi mam also apologizes explaining that she saw him going to the road by himself but she was in a meeting with the Principal, Yatho questions why are they apologizing because she is the one who saved his life by pulling him back otherwise he would have died, she requests him to not say anything of the sort ever again as she prays he gets even her life, Yatho exclaims that Manav should also thank Sakshi mam as she is really lucky for him, he places her hand over Manav’s, they both gets tensed when Akanksha rushes into the room praying for the health of yatho, he however asks her to leave the room, Sakshi mam explains he must not talk like this as she is his mother and got really tensed when he heard he was in the ICU, he calls the nurse requesting that she order this women to leave the room. Akanksha exclaims she is still the mother of Yatho and would always have this relation, she feels he must take care of himself as now his father is really busy.

Yashoda Dadi is packing her bags, Vibhav calls her from an unknown number explaining he some work for her, she refuses to do anything for him as because of these wealthy people, they get stuck in all the problems, Vibhav replies he is going to give her the amount which she desires for a small task.

Manav is standing in the hall thinking he would ruin the life of Vibhav, even the Bhagwan would not be able to save him, he tries calling someone but the number is switched off, Manav explain he was calling Dadi as he thought of asking her to bring the favorite dish of Yatho but she is not answering and even the driver is not picking, Meera suggests him to call the guard, Manav questions where is Dadi and Gulab when he asks the guard where are them both, he informs they left in a hurry. Manav thinks if they were working for Vibhav, Mr Holkar explains that he saw the driver talking with Vibhav, Gulab explains there is fire coming from the office of Manav, Meera explains all the original files are in that office, Manav instructs him to try and end the fire with an extinguisher and he even calls the fire brigade, Manav enters the room when Yatho exclaims Sakshi mam has taken the permission so they can go home, Manav asks him to eat the apple and drink juice while he comes back after doing a little task, yatho gets worried when Manav leaves, Yatharth explains that he feels Manav is a little worried and suggests that she should give the tension ball to Manav.

Manav is shocked after reaching the office and he gets tensed when it is all in flames, Manav explains they have lost the war since everything is ruined, Meera advises they must file a complaint when Manav gets a call from Vibhav who informs that he got to know about the fire in his office so just wanted to inform that if he is thinking Vibhav was the one behind it all then must end this suspicion, Manav says he would not say anything to him but they are not going to back out, Mr Holkar suddenly gets unconscious when Manav instructs Meera to call the doctor.

Vibhav is smiling when Akanksha comes in anger questioning if he was the one behind the accident, he doesnot believe it but she tries to slap him, he explains the soft hands should be to love their partners and not slap them, he has made sure that as soon as Manav took his eyes of the office it got burned so now they would be wealthy once again, they tried their best to convince Manav but his lust for power did not end, Manav forgot that he was fighting with Vibhav who is capable of changing the life of his enemies, Akanksha in excitement asks if he means that they would retain this house and wealth, she will al0so get the custody of Yatho, Vibhav assures everything would happen as per her desires, she hugs him in excitement.

Precap: Manav is arguing with the officials’ questioning why did they come today, they reply that Mr Kapoor desires this property get vacated as soon as possible, Mr Holkar informs Manav they have even placed a notice at the office. Akanksha informs Manav she is once again going to start the custody case of Yatho, she hands him a note advising that he read it since he is now unemployed.

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