Kaamna 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akanksha threatens Manav with the reopening of Yatharth’s custodial case

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Akanksha mentions she will soon file a petition for the custody of Yatharth, he would not have a job really soon while she will claim to be a good mother, Manav is walking with Yatho when Mr Holkar and Ayesha are also pushed out of the house.

Sometime earlier when Sakshi mam is singing the song to Yatho, Ayesha is standing there smiling when Manav comes out of the room, he is really tensed when she in excitement mentions that Yatharth is fine and Sakshi mam had also made sure that the tests were done once again, Ayesha exclaims that she feels she must go back and rest as even her grandfather would be tired, Manav informs her that is blood pressure got high so now he is resting at his house, Ayesha rushes to go and be with him. Manav is sitting when Sakshi mam brings the discharge papers mentioning they can take yatho home, Manav explains that she felt he was a little worried, it was because his office caught fire and all the original documents along with the files have burnt, they were in a position to take over Kapoor construction but now he doesnot know what will happen in a week, he exclaims they have lost because now how would he be able to raise yatho because the house along with the job would end, Manav exclaims Mr Holkar had a lot of trusts on him that he would save Holkar industries and get back the property of Niharika, Sakshi mam mentions this war is against Vibhav, he must remain strong otherwise how would they win the war, Manav mentions Ayesha would have found out everything and even yatho will find the truth, Sakshi mam mentions that Yatharth is also really strong so they must take him home.

Manav and Sakshi mam are sitting with Yatho when Manav mentions that he needed to get the pest control done at the house otherwise would have brought him back soon, Yatharth questions if they caused a big harm when Manav replies they just ruined some important files but there is nothing to be worried about when he is here, Sakshi mam suggests that he should change his clothes since he has been wearing them for so long. Manav asks Sakshi mam to be with yatho while he goes to check on Mr Holkar.

Sakshi mam brings the suit when yatho asks why is his father so worried, Sakshi mam replies he is just tensed because of Mr Holkar, yatho blames himself as they all suffered because of him so then he doesnot know what he can do to make sure everything is fine. Sakshi mam mentions that everyone loves him a lot including Ayesha, Yatho requests Sakshi mam to once again and live with them since till she is around them everything turns out to be good for them. Sakshi mam is really tensed.

Akanksha is watching the horror movie with Bubbly while Vibhav is drinking, Akanksha is getting really scared but Bubbly feels the movie is just lame and even tries to request Akanksha to change it, but she signals her to be quiet, Vibhav is constantly getting some calls which he keeps on declining, he is forced to leave the room so Bubbly also follow him.

Vibhav standing in the hall exclaims he has always kept his promise to the doctor, there are just few days left when Vibhav replies the doctor is now trying to blackmail him which is not right, Vibhav ends the call when Akanksha screams, he is shocked to see that she is hiding because of the movie. Vibhav questions if she is a child and should watch the movies which contain comedy and should also look in the mirror, Akanksha exclaims this movie is really scary, he leaves suggesting her to change the channel.

In the morning Yatharth wakes up when he receives a voice note from Sakshi mam who says that it is not right if she lives in their house, she will surely come to visit him and they can even meet at the school, Yatharth gets tensed after hearing the text mentioning his father has to suffer the pain because of him, Manav questions what are they doing when the officials reply that Mr Kapoor is going to take over the bungalow very soon so they are just performing their duty of putting on the notice., Manav receives a call from Mr Holkar, he gets shocked answering it when Mr Holkar replies they have even pasted a notice outside the office and saying they have to vacate this office after four days, Manav ends the call explaining they were saying they do not have time but how would they not be busy when they have taken the bribe, he explains they are the officials but just work for Vibhav.

Manav is walking with Yatharth when they bump into Mr Holkar and Ayesha who have also been thrown out of the house, Vibhav exclaims that Manav was acting really strong in front of him but is now standing on the road, he exclaims they all should now keep on walking, they all leave.

Manav is sitting in his car when Akanksha calls him, she comes to him when he asks why did she come to meet him, she reveals that she came to give him the invitation for her marriage with Vibhav which is due in four days, after which she will become the fifty percent owner of Kapoor construction, she forgot to mention that she is once again going to file the custody case for Yatharth, Manav would very soon be unemployed and then she will get the custodial rights. Yatharth coming in between them both questions why is he not replying her when she must know that Yatharth is also standing with his father in this war which has not ended , Akanksha replies that his father would come on the road so he would come with her after a few days but Yatharth mentions that it is better if he lives on the road with his father, he has already defeated Akanksha and Devil uncle a lot of times so would also do it again, Akanksha exclaims they would meet after a few days to see who wins, Manav is tensed when Yatharth exclaims that they would surely able to win this war, Manav exclaims they even have Sakshi mam but Yatho replies she is not going to live with them, he shows the voice note when Manav replies he doesnot know who is the father, yatho replies there is nothing to worry when Yatho is here.

Sakshi mam while sitting questions why do they have to face all the problems because this is not right when Malti aunti comes asking if she also believes that Manav is alone so then should go to find the answers, she gets a call from Manav who questions what kind of friendship is this when they assured of standing by each other but she is not with him when he needs her the most, Yatho is trying to take her place as he feels she is the only one who can help his father, Sakshi mam replies that she feels it would create a lot problems if she is with him, Manav replies he has never judged her decisions but it would not be wrong if he says he is feeling worried by her decision, Sakshi mam assures of always standing by his side mentioning they are going to start walking on a new path which will overcome all the problems.

Precap: Mr Holkar introduces Ayesha to the Pandit jee who asks why did her mother not accompany her, Mr Holkar mentions she died a few years ago but pandit jee replies she is still alive. Manav mentions this means Vibhav has kept Niharika jee hidden all these years and if he is able to do it for few more days then would become the owner of all her properties.

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