Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vrindavan residents to seek Kans’ help

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Balram telling the soldier that if he plays with them then they can come to Mathura. The soldier thinks they are very vulnerable and if they come to Mathura, then Kans work will be easy. Vrinda asks Balram, what did he do? Balram reminds them that Yashoda can let them go, if they tell this man is with them. The soldier says he will play with them. They come near the Yamuna river. The soldier thinks what happened to this river. Balram says there is a condition of the game. Vrinda says you have to search us. They all hide, and ask the soldier to search them, else he will lose. The soldier runs to search them. They make him tired as they change places. The soldier says they are cheating with me. Kanha says they are doing leela, and says it is time to play with him. The soldier gets tired and thirsty. He thinks if I don’t drink water, then I will die. Balram says Kans Mama has sent him for Vrindavan’s people help if this water is poisonous or not. The soldier takes the water in his hand and drinks. He feels pain in his throat and falls down, calling for help. Sudama, Subal and others ask him to get up. Balram says it is good that his condition is such. Kanha says now he understood that he shouldn’t have played with us, as we are true players and can’t lose. He says we shall wake him up and send him back from where he has come. He makes Soldier fine. Soldier gets up and asks what happened to me? He says why the water is black? He asks if you want to kill me. Vrinda asks if we ask you to drink it. Sudama says now we can tell people that this water is poisonous. The soldier says you have cheated with me, I will not leave you. Radha tells that they have done wrong with him, if anything happens to him then? She says we shall not do such a thing. Everyone starts praising Radha for her thoughts. Vrinda says you felt his pain. Radha nods yes. Balram says we shall learn this quality of Radha from her. Vrinda welcomes Radha in their team. Sudama says we will play with you. Subal says we will ask you what game to play? Balram says Radha will make the game rules. Kanha thinks I had told that everything will be fine, and the team has accepted your friendship. Radha says yes, Kanha.

Balram comes to the people of Vrindavan and tells that the river is poisonous. The people get shocked and go to Nand with the problem. They asks what we will do now? Yashoda asks how do you know? Subal tells that they were playing near the river with soldier, and when the latter got thirsty, he drank water and fell unconscious. Yashoda asks why you didn’t stop him. Madhumangal says we were far from river and couldn’t stop him. Yashoda says we shall go and see him. Balram says he is saved now, and went. Nand says everyone shall know that Yamuna river water is not suitable for drinking. Yashoda says how it is polluted. Balram asks Kanha to tell the story. Kanha tells about a priest Vedshera and he was known for his arrogant behavior. He says Ashwashera Muni came there. Vedshera Muni argued with him and attacked him. Ashwashera Rishi cursed Vedshera Muni to become a snake. Ashwashera Muni also curses Vedshera Muni to become a crow. Balram asks then what happened? Kanha says the Vedshera became a knowledgeable crow, and told Ramayan to the eagle. He says at the other side, there was a woman named Katru, who gave birth to Kalia snake, with other snakes. He says Kalia was very poisonous among others, one day it came on the earth for the outing. It saw eagle and came to hide in Yamuna. He says now it is staying in Yamuna river. Balram says Vrindavan’s existence will end, if he stays here. Kanha says this story is big and just like I said, many people destiny will be related to it.

Subal’s mother asks what will happen now. She cries praying to Narayan. Other ladies too worry about the deficit of water. A guy suggested that they shall go and take help from Kans, and hopes that he has changed. Nand says I can’t trust him. The guy says if we don’t have water, then we will not have any grain, then what we will eat. Nand says ok, we will go to Kans. Balram tells Kanha that they had trouble due to Kans. Kanha says many people’s destiny are related to this game and Radha has to become Radha Rani.

Akroor informs Kans that Vrindavan residents came here. Kans says so the news was true, they have to come to me for help. He says I will keep such a condition before them, that will fulfill my dream. Kanha says foolish Kans, thinking himself wealthy, but he doesn’t know that Kalia’s effect will also be on Mathura. Kalia comes out of the river with its many heads.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Radha comes out and Kanha tells that all the world looks dull infront of Radha’s beauty. Radha asks how am I looking? Kanha says today is yours, it will be very enjoyable game today. Radha throws a stone and it hits Kalia.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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