Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Pregnancy Is Confirmed

Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imie with Arpita, Narmada, and others visit temple for pooja after keeping Vatsavitri vrat/fast. Arpita asks Imlie how they keep fast in her village. Imlie says just like everyone does. Narmada taunts Imlie that she must not be believing in fasting. Arpita asks her why is she saying that. Imlie changes the topic and asks if she can perform parikrama. Arpita says why not and asks Gudiya why she is performing pooja when she is not married yet. Nila yells at her and says Gudiya is fasting for Aryan since childhood and if Imlie had not interfered, Gudiya would have married Aryan a bore a child by now. Imlie asks Arpita to forget it and asks Gudiya to perform her pooja. While performing parikrama, Imlie feels dizzy. Nila and Gudiya discuss that baba’s medicine is working on Imlie. Imlie faints. Everyone rush to her.

Jyoti travels in a car with Aryan. She getsImlie’s fainted pic from her aide and thinks now Imlie can never become a mother. An old lady cheks Imlie and informs that she fainted as she is pregnant. Aryan buys gifts for Imlie and thinks Imlie is fasting for her own confidence. Jyoti asks why he is talking to himself. Aryan says he is since he met Imlie, its for good, and he knows it will continue his whole life. She checks earrings and reminds that he gifted her similar earrings earlier. He says he would have stolen it from Arpita and given to her. Madhav walks in and informs him about a sting operation by him and Imlie.

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