Imlie 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Jyoti Tries To Mislead Aryan

Imlie 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti tells Aryan that everyone looks happy, so even should join them. Aryan says not now as Imlie is very happy and will realize that he is upset. Jyoti tries to provoke him saying she is confused that he is infertile, but Imlie is pregnant; she cannot understand how can Imlie be close to someone else than him, pointing at Imlie and Madhav’s chemistry. She thinks what she coudln’t make him understand in the office could explain him here. He says he will not get confused with her provocation as he trusts Imlie and Imlie’s superpower is her loyalty towards her dear ones, he wouldn’t mind breaking off old ties (with Jyoti) if they come between him and Imlie. Jyoti gets tensed and says he is misunderstanding him, she just wants to say that nothing happens in the universe without a reason, his report is true and even Imlie’s pregnancy, what if Imlie is wronged; she doesn’t feel good vibes from Madhav. He walks away. She thinks he cannot escape from her magic.

Aryan walks towards Imlie while she forcefeeds laddu to Madhav. Madhav asks Aryan what is he doing here. Aryan says it is also his house. Madhav offers him laddu. Aryan accepts it. Jyoti feels irritated seeing Aryan unaffected by her manipulative words. Narmada and Arptia asks Aryan if he is having laddu. He asks so? Imlie explains that he is calorie conscious and has sugar-free sweets. She asks more laddus from Madhav and goes to get them. Jyoti tries to provoke Aryan again, but he says he doesn’t want to discuss about it now. Imlie returns with laddu and forces Aryan to have it emotionally asking him to have it for their baby’s sake. Narmada says Aryan is not habituated to have so much laddus.

Nila comments that Imlie herself is a kid, then how can she take care of Aryan’s baby. Arpita says they are all there to take care of the baby, even Nila can take complete responsibility of her grandchild. Nila stands frowning hearing that. Back to room, Imlie starts her drama and says Nila was right that she herself is a 20-year-old kid, then how will she take care of her child. She expresses her nervousness continuously saying she doesn’t want her child to be irresponsible and childish like her.

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