Hina Khan slams “insensitive, rude, disrespectful people” after coming back from Cannes

Actress Hina Khan is back in India after walking the red carpet of Cannes 2022. Hina who is known for never mincing her words recently slammed ‘insensitive, rude, disrespectful people’ in her tweet and urged her followers to set boundaries to protect their mental health.

She wrote, “Insensitive, rude, disrespectful people come in all forms and don’t know boundaries.. They are intrusive in your business and will say anything to hurt you..So my dear, set boundaries and get rid of those who cross the line..Boundaries protect your mental health you see 🤗 #Peace.”

One of her fans commented on her post and wrote, “Your being vocal always makes you different from others. You are absolutely right @eyehinakhan, always prioritise your mental health above everything and don’t think much about such people. Just be happy and conquer the world.”

Another wrote, “Yes. Mental peace is very important for every human being. Celebs are not private property of fans, they need to understand that they are public figures that doesn’t mean nothing should affect them. Some fans forget that celebs are human too. Lots of love to you.”


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