Gud Se Mitha Ishq 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Neel Takes Kajal For Shopping

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari walks to Kajal and says she is looking very pretty. She says she hasn’t seen such a beautiful bride in her life and wants to look like her when she becomes a bride. Kajal says Pari is prettty. Pari asks her to change her clothes. Kajal says she doesn’t have spare clothes. Pari offers her clothes and says all her clothes are very beautiful and specially made for her, so Kajal will look very pretty n them.

After some time Pari comes down, and announces in front of everyone that the new bride of this house is finally coming down so we all have to welcome her. Nutan noticed that Kajal is wearing a suit of buddy and she is happy and also surprised with this, however Bhoomi is laughing at Kajal because all those dresses of Pari are oversized for her.

Kajal says to the family members that she lost her luggage bag and as of now she has nothing to wear apart from the saree of her marriage and she promises to Nutan that she will not destroy or malign the clothes of Pari and will clean it up herself. Neil notices everything from a distance and he asks her aunt how much time is left to prepare food for everybody. She says we have done all the arrangements and within sometime like 30 minutes food will be ready on the table.

He says it is fine with me and takes Kajal and goes out of the house to buy some clothes for her. At the same time, Phool Singh has reached Delhi and they have located the house of Neil already. They are standing outside of the house in a car when they notice that Kajal and Neil are going out of the house with each other and he cannot stand the side of them being normal with themselves and happily talking. Kajal comes to a shop with Neil and he asks her to choose from the clothes but she is checking the price tag and declining the dresses thinking it to be so costly.

She goes later inside the trial room to try those dresses to check the fitting so that she can buy them for herself. Later on, Phool Singh tries to disturb Kajal inside the shop taking the advantage of Neil talking to Pavitra going out of the store. Neil comes on time and warns Phool Singh to stay away from Kajal as it is Delhi and here he cannot get away with his activities like his village.

Precap: Neel asks Kajal to sit with family for lunch. Soniya and Bhoomi insult Kajal and ask her to sit at a servan’t place.
Pari and Neel join Kajal, irking Bhoomi and Soniya.

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