Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi Creates A Fuss

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel confronts JD that if Pari is part of the family, then why is he repeatedly blaming her. He asks why did he leave the important document in open, they all know Pari’s condition and know that Pari doesn’t do anything without anyone provoking her. Pari says he is absolutely right and asks Dev to tell family what she told. Dev requests JD not to send Pari to a mental asylum. Bhoomi asks Neel why he thinks she provoked Pari to tear the important documents and why he thinks she harmed herself, she realized that Dhruv’s family is not valued in this house as JD runs this family and once JD’s son ordered not to send Pari to asylum, they all agreed, hence its better she leaves this house.

Kajal wakes up in the room and finds many girls captivated and tied like her. Evil lady walks in with her aides and orders aides to shift all the girls to their other den as she feels something is wrong. After some time, Kajal frees herself and a girl with mutual help. They both then free other girls and comfort them.

Dhruv tries to convince Pari not to leave the house. Neel requests JD to let Pari stay back at home. JD says he will let Pari stay at home only if Bhoomi also stays back. Pari walks to Bhoomi to convince her and accidentally bumps on her. Dhruv scolds her for hurting Bhoomi again. Pari apologizes Bhoomi and requests her to stay back in this hose and reveals that Dev taught her to lie to please someone. Neel and Dev listening to their conversation hiding walk to Bhoomi and request her to forgive Pari and leave the house. Pari shakes Bhoomi roughly. Bhoomi frees herself, and Pari falls side. Bhoomi leaves with her bag.

Family tries to convince her, but she opens the main door and finds her parents standing with gifts. Satyakam asks where is she going. Bhoomi cries hugging her mother Chavi and says her life is ruined. Nutan asks her not to say that. Dhruv says its a normal issue. Bhoomi says she married a spineless man who cannot take a stand for herself, forget protecting her. Satyakam asks Khurana what really happened here. Bhoomi says Pari is troubling her since day 1, tried to burn her, and even harmed her repeatedly. Khurana says Pari is innocent. Satyakam says he didn’t come here to see all this. Chavi sys mistake happens once but not repeatedly. A reporter enters evil lady’s den and tells Kajal that she was spying on the house since long and came to help the girls.

Precap: Chavi tongue lashes Khurana family for supporting Pari and troubling Bhoomi. Kajal helps girls escape from the evil lady’s den.
Dev challenges Chavi to prove that Pari is normal by letting her sing at a concert.

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