Gud Se Mitha Ishq 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Satyakam Questions Kajal

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal’s condition gets critical. Neel gets concerned and calls doctor. Doctor treats her while Neel waits outside the ICU. Satyakam asks Neel why is he standing outside. Neel says Kajal’s condition is critical and her blood pressure is dropping. Doctor comes out and informs that he stabilized Kajal’s blood pressure somehow, but her condition is still unstable. Neel feels bad for Kajal and tells Satyakam that he will call Pallavi as Kajal needs her. Satyakam stops him and asks if he will tell her that he married her daughter just a formality and ransacked her in Delhi. Neel stops.

Pavitra meets Neel. Neel tells her that he is feeling guilty seeing Kajal’s condition, but if he had not married Kajal, Phool Singh would have ruined her life. Pavitra says he need not worry as he just acted according to the situation. Neel says he wants to find out why Kajal lied that she will stay with her relative. Back home, Neel is unable to sleep recalling all the incidents happened in Uttarakhand.

Pari looks happy. Nutan asks reason. Pari says she knows mummy kept pooja for her to get blessings to sing well. Nutan says its for Bhoomi. Pari notcies Neel coming and calls him, but he doesn’t listen to her and walks away. Nutan asks her not to come down until she calls her. Soniya makes pooja arrangements. Bhoomi tells Chavi that she just wants to hear about herself and not Pari’s song performance. Chavi says she knows how to handle Pari. Satyakam informs her that he is going out for some work. Bhoomi says they have pooja at home. He says he will try to come early and walks away. Chavi thinks why he looks tensed.

Neel gets ready for pooja. Pari walks in and tries to speak. Neel gets call from the hospital, says he will talk to her later and walks away. Dev walks in and asks Neel where is he going, why Pari told that he is not speaking to her properly. Neel says Pari thinks too much and assures that there is nothing wrong. Dev then notices pooja at home and asks if Pari is not attending pooja. Nutan asks him to be with Pari upstairs. Daadi asks him to bring Pari down after sometime. Dhruv asks him to keep Pari upstairs as its Bhoomi’s pooja and he doesnt’ want any drama again.

Dev walks to Pari and complements her for her new dress. He tells her that Neel looked very happy. Pari mimics Neel and says she will go down and check where is he. Dev stops her and asks her to practice song in the room and not go out.

Satyakam meets Kajal and asks her if she took the marriage seriously. Kajal recalls all the incidents and gets tensed. Satyakam then asks why did she lie to Neel. Kajal says she saw her mother breaking down alone when her father left her and is very sensitive, she just saved Neel as a humanity, but when he married her, she accepted that marriage and considered it true. Neel hears their conversation.

Precap: Pari sings loudly while family performs pooja downstairs. Kajal slips while trying to pick water. Neel holds her, their eyes lock. Pavitra notices that.

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