Gud Se Mitha Ishq 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Kajal Meets With An Accident

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal rescues girls from the human trafficker’s den, but herself gets caught. she pleads the evil lady to let her go. Lady threatens her and scolds her aides for letting the other girls go. Khurana, Nutan, and Dadaji ask Dev if Pari can really sing in a concert. Dev says if Pari gets a love she deserves, then she can lead a normal life. They feel hearing that.

Evil lady orders her goons to not let Kajal escape. Kajal opens a fire extinguisher on them and escapes from the den. Lady orders her goons to not let Kajal escape. Neel and Satyakam search for Kajal’s relative’s house. Relative lady hearing her address meets them. Satyakam asks if Kajal is staying with her. Lady says no. Neel says Kajal went with some other lady. Satyakam asks the lady not to tell Pallavi that they enquired about Kajal. Lady asks if Kajal if she is fine. Satyakam says yes.

Satyakam then scolds Neel for letting Kajal alone in a big city. Neel says he had made arrangements for Kajal’s stay. Satyakam says his marriage was real with Kajal and he cannot just brush off with his responsibilities. They both search for Kajal showing her photo to the people around. Neel then prays god to protect Kajal. Kajal escapes from the goons and seeing Neel calls him. Neel sees a speeding car and tries to alert her. Car hits Kajal, and she falls down severely injured. Lady and her goons try to pick her up and escape, but Neel fights with them. Reporter lady brings police and gets goons arrested and rushes Kajal to a hospital.

Bhoomi describes her ordeal to Chavi and says her life is a hell in Khurana house. Dhruv brings tea for Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks him to add some poison in it. Dhruv asks her to speak right in front of mummyji. Chavi says Bhoomi is expressing her heart out in front of her mother. Bhoomi says she just wants Pari to be out of the house. Chavi says they should prove that Pari is mentally unstable and not let her sing in the concert. Bhoomi likes her idea. Chavi asks Dhruv if he will support his wife or sister. Dhruv says he can do anything for Bhoomi.

Neel and Satyakam rush Kajal to a hospital where doctor insists to get a relative’s sign on a consent form before her treatment. Neel stands mum. Satyakam signs form saying he is Pari’s uncle and asks doctor to start her treatment immediately.

Pari jumps on the bed when Dev calls her and asks her not to jump on the bed or else she will be hurt. She asks how does he know that she is on the bed. He say he knows nad asks her to practice song. She practices with Dadaji’s help.

Neel apologizes Satyakam for his mistake. Satyakam says if he had not come to Delhi, what would have happened to Kaju; poor Kaju is bearing punishment for the sin she didn’t do. Pallavi calls him and asks about Kajal. He says he got busy at work and couldn’t visit Khuranas, but surely will meet Kajal when he goes there. He disconnects call and scolds Neel. Neel says whatever they think doesn’t happen. They both wait outside the OT while Kajal’s operations being performed. After the surgery, Kajal is shifted to ICU where her condition deteriorates.

Precap: Neel calls doctor seeing Kajal’s condition deteriorating. Satyakam says because of Neel, Kajal would have lost her life.

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