Gud Se Mitha Ishq 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Neel and Kajal Support Kajal

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal expresses her worries in front of Neel. She says she doesn’t feel good with Phool Singh’s arrival and his family being upset on him. He asks her to relax and says whatever he did is for safety and happiness. She tries to speak. He stops her and says he knows she will not do anything against him and his family, says she shouldn’t worry about Phool Singh and let him follow his friendship. Kajal promises that she will not go away from him until he asks her to. He says she is looking pretty and asks her to get into house. Kajal thanks god for sending Neel in her life and prays to give her strength to maintain a distance from Neel even after being near him.

Pari refuses to have food without Kajal. Kajal walks in with Neel. Pari praises her dress and asks where is her pink dress. Pari returns her dress and thanks her for her help. JD gets irked and asks if he will get food or not. Soniya serves him food. Nutan asks Kajal to join them. Neel notices only 1 chair and asks Kajal to sit on it. Soniya mocks Kajal and says she is habituated to sit on the floor and should do same. Bhoomi says she is right, Kajal used to sit on the floor when she used to have food at her house. Neel says Kajal is their guest. Bhoomi says that is how they should treat these people. Neel says she should treat everyone equally.

Soniya comments that Kajal doesn’t know where her father is and needs respect. Bhoomi continues to humiliate Kajal. Kajal sadly picks her foot plate and sits on the floor. Pari joins her and insists to sit with her best friend. Neel also joins them, leaving Bhoomi, JD, and Soniya stunned. Kajal asks Neel to sit with his family. Nutan, Daadi, and Pari’s father join them. JD and Soniya feel more irked seeing that.

After some time, Nutan meets Kajal and says she felt good seeing Neel taking her for shopping. Kajal touches her feet and seeks her blessings. Nutan happily blesses her. She then asks Pari if she will sleep or not. Pari asks Nutan where will Kajal sleep if Nutan sleeps on bed with her. Kajal says she will sleep on the floor. Nutan says Kajal can sleep with Pari on the bed. Pari refuses to have medicine. Kajal convinces her to have medicine and gifts her choc. Pari happily hugs her and thanks god for getting Neel married to Kajal. Nutan gets emotional seeing their bonding.

Neel gets ready and tries to leave when JD stops him and asks where is he going at this time. Neel nervously says he is going for a party with friends. Soniya asks if he is going to meet friends or Pavitra and says she informed everything to JD. JD approves Pavitra and expresses his displeasure towards Kajal. Soniya asks Neel to go and enjoy with Pavitra. Phool Singh notices Neel leaving the house and thinks he will not spare Neel for snatching Kajal from him and will marry Kajal for sure.

Precap: Phool notices Neel dancing with Pavitra at a club. He orders his goons to assault Neel. Kajal calls Neel, but Phool Singh picks call. Soniya humiliates Kajal.

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