Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Samrat Passes Away

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai and Virat rush Samrat towards the hospital and try to keep him away chatting with him. Samrat tells Sai that Pakhi is not that bad and has stared loving him. He asks her to take care of Sai after he leaves like she takes care of whole family. Sai says he himself will take care of everyone and will have to lead a long life with Pakhi. Pakhi tells Karishma that she is very happy with Samrat and will take him out for a dinner take when he returns. Karishma asks if she has some other plan after that. Pakhi shies. Karishma asks if she will take only Samrat for dinner. Pakhi says she will ask even Mansi if she agrees.

Sai and Virat reach hospital. Virat then rushes to call the doctor. Samrat continues to speak to Sai and ask her to take care of the family and her baby, blesses her baby, and passes away. Sai tries to wake him up and cries hugging him. Virat brings doctor who checks Samrat and pronounces him dead. Sai and Virat stand shocked hearing that.

Pakhi notices Mansi worried seeing a broken photoframe and asks her her not to worry as she will refix it. She takes photo out of the frame and clicks a pic from Mansi’s mobile and says she can watch it anytime. She then asks her to smile. Mansi smiles and hugs her. Karishma praises Pakhi and says they should click a family pic during Sai’s baby shower ritual. Pakhi informs Mansi that she is taking Samrat and Mansi out for a dinner and has booked tables for 3. Mansi gets emotional and says she feels happy seeing their relationship taking a new turn and planing a new start. Pakhi says they have decided to give their relationship one more chance. Bhavani prays for their long married life. Ashwini says even Pakhi and Samrat should have a baby. Mansi says she is right. Pakhi asks Mansi if she is accompanying her and Samrat. Mansi says she is not and wants them to spend quality time together. Shivani asks where is Samrat. Pakhi calls Samrat and informs that he is not picking her call. Mansi hopes Samrat is fine.

Virat panics and asks doctor to check Samrat again as his heartbeat is on or at least use a defibrillator shock. Sai says Samrat has left them and cries hugging Samrat. Virat pleads Samrat to wake up and cries loudly. Back to Chavan ni vas, Pakhi continues calling Samrat and says he is not picking her call. Family taunts her that she is too eager to meet Samrat and says they both should have a solo trip. Pakhi feels shy. Bhavani asks Pakhi to call Sai as Samrat has gone to pick her. Sai enters house gate senselessly and rings bell. Karishma opens the door and stands speechless seeing Sai’s condition. Sai walks in senselessly. Everyone look shocked seeing her condition.

Karishma and Bhavani ask Sai if she is fine, if her baby is fine. Pakhi asks where is Samrat. Ashwini asks why is she having blood stains on her sari. Pakhi asks if Samrat is fine. Virat walks in next senselessly. Pakhi asks him where is Samrat. Hospital staff and constable bring Samrat’s dead body. Chavan are shocked to see Samrat lying on a stretcher. Bhavani asks why did he bring Samrat like this, what happened to him. Ninad asks him to stop joking and says he will scold Samrat. Whole family pleads Samrat to wake up. Ashwini says Samrat should be taken to hospital. Samrat says they are coming from the hospital and before Samrat could be treated, he left them all. Family breaks down seeing that.

Mansi says its a bad dream which she used to see many times, but today her eyes are not opening and she doesn’t want to see this bad dream. Shivani says its not a dream. Mansi pleads Samrat to wake up as she cannot live without him. Pakhi shouts at Sai and asks what happened to Samrat. Sai reveals the whole story. Pakhi slaps her.

Precap: Pakhi blames Sai that she killed Samrat and pleads Samrat to open his eyes and look at her.

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