Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Samrat Battles For His Life

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagtap forcefully abducts Sai in a car and drives car away. Samrat tries to stop the car. Jagtap drives car over him. Samrat falls down severely injured. Sai is shocked to see that and tries stop the car. Jagtap pushes her away. She shouts that she will not spare him. He says he really doesn’t want her to spare him and pushes her again. She feels pain and reveals that she is pregnant and its wrong to hurt a pregnant woman. Jagtap stops the car in shock hearing that and says he will abort Virat’s child and then will start a new story with Sai. Sai continues to shout to stop the car in vain.

Sai then silently messages Help to Virat. Virat who is busy catching goons reads her message and reaches to rescues her. Jagtap seeing him tells Sai that he will kill even Virat. He speeds car towards Virat. Virat shoots bullets at the care tyre and punctures it. Jagtap locks Sai in a car and walks towards Virat to hit him. Virat brutally trashes him and is about to kill him when Sai breaks car window, rushes to Virat, and informs him that they should save Samrat first as he is severely injured by Jagtap. Virat is shocked to hear that. Virat shoots Jagtap’s foot. Police team reaches there and arrests Jagtap. Virat then gets into car with Sai and heads towards Samrat’s location.

At Chavan Nivas, Mansi looks at Samrat and Pakhi’s photo and prays for a long married life. She tells Ashwini that she will enlarge the photo and look at it whole day. Mansi says she will ask Mohit to enlarge the picture and even click their pics during the trip. Mansi says she wants Samrat to be near him always. Sonali takes photo from her, and it drops down breaking the glass frame. Mansi gets tensed seeing the abshagun and fears that something wrong has happened.

Virat and Sai reach Samrat. Samrat sees Virat says he couldn’t save Sai. Virat says he need not worry Sai is fine. Samrat says he can die peacefully now. Virat pleads him not to say that and says he will take him to hospital. Samrat reminds him that he saved his life during their childhood. Virat says now he will save his life, gets him into car, and speed towards hospital. Sai pleads Samrat to keep his eyes open till they reach the hospital.

Pakhi gets ready for Samrat and thinks Samrat will like open hair. She plans a dinner date with Samrat and then proposes him. Samrat asks Virat if he remember when he returned to Chavan nivas forever, he did it for Virat and was very happy that he would stay with his younger brother. Virat pleads to forgive him. Samrat says he wants both girl and boy from Sai and wants to see both Sai and Virat’s happy family. His condition deteriorates. Sai pleads him to have patience. Samrat asks Sai to tell her baby about him. Virat says he should play with his nephew and niece and take care of them. Samrat asks him if he will do something for him.

Karishma walks into Pakhi’s room that today she is glowing and her room is smell so good. Pakhi says she lit perfumed candles and is waiting for Virat. Samrat asks Virat to take care of Mansi like a son and smiles saying Pakhi is waiting for him.

Precap: Sai and Virat rush Samrat to hospital. Doctor pronounces him dead.

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