Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi and Agastya scare Mira

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mira wakes up sleeping. Winds blow. Lights spark. Mira wakes up scared. Mira sees Agastya outside. She screams. She says it can’t be him. He’s dead. Yug comes and says maa what happened? He wakes up Mira. Mira is in bed. SHe is scared, she says I saw Agastya. Lights were sparkling. Yug says he’s dead. Mira says the wind was blowing fast. He says it’s your dream. Nothing happened, you must have seen a dream. Yug says you’re scared. Mira says no I saw him. Pakhi says I heard when you kill someone their ghost is after you. Mira says shut up. Yug says no ons is here. Mira says he’s in the closet. Agastya is hidden. Yug says maa calm down, please. Pakhi says God is punishing you. His ghost will punish you. Yug says shut up. What rubbish. He takes Mira with him. Mona is also scared. Pakhi says I didn’t know you would become such a good ghost. She sneaks him out of the house.

Pakhi falls. Agastya holds her. Pakhi says eat the sandwich. I know you get hungry under stress. He says you remembered? She says of course. Agastya sits in the corner and eats the sandwich. He says it’s exactly how I like it. I don’t deserve Pakhi after all that I’ve done with her.

Scene 2
Pakhi says you’re blaming us for your fear? His ghost is after you. Dadi says he must be mad at me I didn’t do anything for him. Pakhi says no his ghost is after people who made your life difficult. Pakhi says I heard noise in his room too. Yug says shut up. He says let’s go maa. Pakhi says trust me.

Mira comes to Agastya’s room. She’s scared. She goes in to check. mira says no one is here. The door locks. Mira screams. She says who is there? Agastya says I wont’ go alone. I will take you with me. Shoe moves near her. Mira screams. She says Yug.. Save me. Yug he’s here. She runs out. Agastya controls the shoes through his small remote control cars. Naveli and Pakhi laugh. Mira says to Yug the shoes were moving. Yug says maa you’re stressed. The shoes are in their place. She says this pair was moving. Mira says no. Pakhi asks what happened? He came again? Mira says I want to go to shamshamghat.

Scene 3
Mira comes to the ground. She asks the manager did you see him burning? He says many bodies come here. They ask for CCTV footage. Agastya asks Pakhi not to take Yug. Mira asks them to zoom in. They take the body inside. Mira says so he came here. The one at home is a ghost? Yug says no it can’t be true. Mira comes home. She asks Pakhi what Agastya’s ghost wants. Is he here to take revenge? Pakhi says I wish he spoke to me I would tell him how much I miss him. Only you can see him so he’s after you. He wants to take revenge from you. Yug says what rubbish. Don’t listen to her. They’re teasing you. Mira says I heard the ghost. Agastya looks at DAdi. He says Pakhi thank you for taking care of dadi. I miss her so much. I have hurt her so much. I don’t deserve people who love me. Do I deserve dadi? Do I deserve you? He says keep this bluetooth earpiece. No one can track it. Pakhi says don’t take stress. Pakhi goes upstairs.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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