Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya and Pakhi reunite

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi says I am going to sign the papers. Dadi says don’t do this Pakhi. She says you were also going with him. I will sign them Give me a pen. He says I don’t have a pen. She takes it out from a coat. Pakhi says I should sign right? He says I will be okay with my decision. Pakhi says you only think about yourself right? Pakhi hits him and says can’t you stop me? Is there no voice in you? Pakhi says we’ve been together for so many years, for what? To leave each other? Didn’t you think about me? You’re stuck with me forever. Pakhi hugs him. She says I’ve forgiven you. He says no please forgive me. I love you. Pakhi says I’ve forgiven you alreaady.

Scene 2
Pakhi and Agastya come home. Agastya holds Pakhi. Pakhi says someone will come. Prema and her family come. She says I hope they always stay happy together. Agastya says I will never let you go away from me. You didn’t say I love you. She says I will say it later. He comes close to her Pakhi runs. Samir says we’ll all not talk about past again. All that ends well. Pakhi says this is the start of our story. Pakhi says can I go with my parents? Agaastya says yeah sure but me.. P
Pakhi says let’s go Shanaya. Agastya says to dadi why did you let Pakhi go.

Scene 3
Pakhi fights with Shanaya and says clean your bed. She says return my pillow. Shanaya says I will sleep with this one. Pakhi waits for Agastya’s call. He calls.. Pakhi says I don’t wanna talk now. Agastya comes outside. Pakhi comes to the backyard. He says you didn’t even text that you’ve reached. She says I wasn’t going to another city. I was sleepy. He says shooting star. Let’s wish, my wish is you say I love you. Pakhi looks at him. He comes close to her. Shanaya comes.. Pakhi says you’ve to go. He says okay I am going then.

Scene 4
Pakhi comes home. Dadi does her greh parvesh. Pakhi and Agastya enter the house together. Samir says I want my daughter to be happy like this. Prema says I am your mom too Agastya. Mona takes a family photo. Agastya says to Pakhi you mind that I am ignoring you right? She says I didn’t even notice. He says I will ignore you until you say what I asked for. They do pooja together. They tease each other. Pakhi gives everyone prasad. She says everything will be perfect in this house now. I hope no one comes between us and brings trouble in this house. A guy lands at the airport.

Pakhi gets ready. Agastya locks her mangalsutra. The guy sits in the car.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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