Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff – Into the Woods

Recap: Ridhimaa has a nightmare and Vansh consoles her. Shivaay pacifies Ranveer. Vansh’s mission before wedding

Chapter 36 Into the woods

Goenka Villa , Morning

Everyone is gathered in the living room
Karan: Vansh shall we leave?
Vansh: Shivaay has asked me to wait for sometime
Aman: But why?
Shivaay comes there along with Kartik, Naira and Pankhuri
Shivaay: Kartik give it to them
Aman: What is it?
Kartik: Medical potions for your backup
Just then Angre enters. Ishani leaves a sigh of relief on seeing him
Angre: I have evacuated our place Vansh. Im ready for the next task
Shivaay: You can also go with Vansh into the woods. Ill call Ritik and Shivanya and ask them to come with you guys
Veer: Shall I go Shivaay? At least in my animagus form?
Bani: Pagal ho tum? Dont you know that we need Shivanya in her snake form for this work? Then how can you go idiot?
Veer: Oops sorry
Shivaay: Bani is right. Veer you have an important work with me and Ranveer. Let them go
Vansh: We will take your leave now
Maya: Vansh tomorrow morning is your wedding with Ridhimaa
Vansh: Ill be here by midnight mam
Vansh walks to Ridhimaa who is standing behind Avantika and is unable to see him leave
Vansh: Ridhimaa…Ill be back in time for our wedding
Ridhimaa: Be safe Vansh
Aman: Ridhimaa we take the responsibility of his safety
Karan: Your dulhe raja will be back here safe and sound.
Angre : We will even give our life for it
Ridhimaa: I know that you guys really mean it but not only Vansh I want you all to be back safe and sound. If something happens to you then think of Roshini didi and Preeta didi. I don’t want anyone to bear the sorrow for my sake. Angre bhaiya I strictly warm you guys to protect yourself as much as you protect Vansh
Aman: Us protecting Vansh Rai Singhania? He is the one who protects us
Vansh: If you guys are done shall we leave.
Karan, Aman, Angre and Vansh walk outside. Vansh keeps looking back at Ridhimaa after every step. Ridhimaa feels emotional. Shivaay hugs her
Shivaay: Ridhu dont be angry that I sent him away a day before your wedding but…
Ridhimaa: Bhai dont justify it. If you say then there must be something in it. I trust you
Shivaay: Then dont shed tears like this.
Pankhuri: Haan the dulhan should be smiling and blushing.
Naira: You are not allowed to cry
Avantika: Shall we do some rasams for the dulhan?
Shivaay: Go ahead maa. Kartik take charge and safeguard them. Ranveer and Veer come with me. We have to leave for some important work
Kartik: Shivaay Ill take care. You carry on
As Shivaay is about to leave but Preeta pulls him aside
Shivaay: What happened Preeta?
Preeta: I interpreted the dream
Shivaay: And?
Preeta tells something which is muted ( Will be revealed in future episodes)
Shivaay’s face shows traces of tension
Shivaay: Preeta you mean that Vansh and Ridhimaa have to undergo all this. I thought that after the curse of Nagesh gets resolved everything will be alright
Preeta: Shivaay you know that the journey towards our ultimate aim will be difficult. But Im sure that we will be successful at the end
Shivaay: Whats the purpose Preeta? With them undergoing all the pain from childhood and us watching helplessly.
Preeta: Shivaay don’t get emotional like this. Everything will get alright.Veer: Shivaay…shall we leave?
Shivaay leaves a deep sigh and leaves with Ranveer and Veer. The scene freezes

Vansh, Karan, Aman and Angre reach the woods
Aman: Vansh what now?
Vansh: Aman, I have to reveal something to you guys here
Angre: Whats that bhai?
Vansh: That Neil he actually came to kill me but Gaurav ji gave his life for me, Ridhimaa’s love saved my life but at the cost of another life…
Karan: And thats because you and Ridhimaa aren’t married yet right, once the marriage is over it won’t happen like that na
Vansh: But a regular marriage wont do it
Angre: What does that mean?
Vansh: Now its time for me to gain the power
Aman: But how?
Ritik comes there with Shivanya
Ritik: Ill tell that
Karan: Arrey Ritik..so fast
Ritik: Had to na. Now Vansh Shivanya will take you to the Kaal Bhairav temple .
Aman: We will also come with Vansh
Ritik: We have something else to do
Karan: What is it?
Ritik: Approaching Kaal Bhairav temple is very difficult. Haden and his men very well know that we will approach the temple before the wedding . Alga might be leading them there at this time
Karan: How does he know?
Vansh: Budhuram..dont you remember that he already did the ritual to become the Dark Lord
Karan: Sorry sorry
Angre: What do we do now?
Ritik: We need to fight and prevent them from following Vansh and Shivanya. Once they enter the temple then everything will get out of our hands
Angre: We will fight and hold them
Ritik: Yeah thats the plan. Shivanya how long will it take for you to enter the temple and get the sword?
Shivanya: About some hours
Ritik: Good then..carry on
Shivanya: Vansh…Ill get to my snake form now..before that I need to tell you something. I have to be in snake form till we reach the quarters of Lord Kaal Bairav. Only on reaching the feet of the lord I can take human form as only us the naagins in our original form can access the temple. You have to follow me very closely till we enter as the entrance will close within seconds after my entry. Keep your wand handy as Haden’s men may try to reach us. Moreover visual and audio illusions will come as we enter the premises of the temple. Dont give in to any emotions
Vansh: Ill take note of this
Ritik: Vansh mere bhai…we will give our best to hold Haden’s men
Shivanya turns into snake and starts the journey towards the Kaal Bhairav temple with Vansh following closely behind her. Ritik, Karan, Aman and Angre get ready for their fight

The scene shifts to Haden’s mansion
Haden: Neil go for Ridhimaa. Kill her before she becomes Mrs.Vansh RaiSinghania
Neil: And Alga?
Haden: He has gone for another important mission
Neil: Where do I search for Ridhimaa?
Haden: Idiot…if I tell you everything what are you going to do?
Neil: Okay sir, Ill get back to you with the corpse of Ridhimaa Sharma
Saying this Neil walks out. The scene freezes on Haden’s smirk

Goenka House
Kartik is sitting in the entrance with his wand in his hand
Aryan comes there
Aryan: Kartik…bhai
Kartik: Aryan yaar aao aao…beto
Aryan sits near Kartik
Aryan: What are you doing?
Kartik: Guarding the house
Aryan: Why?
Kartik: Vansh has gone for something very crucial and important, Shivaay, Veer and Ranveer have gone to dig up something from the past for our benefit. Haden and Neil very well know this so they will definitely try to search for Ridhimaa
Aryan: But they don’t know where we are na
Kartik: Not for long . They will find us and if that happens they won’t wait for a minute to kill her. We cant afford that. So Im sitting here for a safety precaution
Just then Ridhimaa runs to them panting
Kartik: What happened Ridhu?
Ridhimaa: Kartik…kartik….
Kartik: Ridhimaa…Ridhimaa…are you okay?
Ridhimaa: Come inside na both of you
Aryan: Par kyu ?
Ridhimaa: Wedding rasams are happening. You guys need to participate na
Kartik: Ridhimaa…let it be. I have to safeguard you guys..Aryan tum jao
Ridhimaa: You should also come
Kartik: Par
Ridhimaa makes a sad face and turns away
Kartik: Arrey dulhan must be happy and smiling
Ridhimaa: Kya dulhan? Dulha is not in any rasams, others have gone out…only you and Aryan are here. You too are standing out without participating.
Naira: Very bad Kartik. You cant make a dulhan sad
Kartik: Okay okay I give up.
Everyone walk inside for the rasams. Just then a shadow slowly approaches the gates of Goenka house. The episode freezes

Next Chapter: Kaal Bhairav’s sword

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