FACETS Cinema in Chicago Screens Angel’s Egg, 3 More Anime Films in June – News

FACETS Cinema in Chicago announced on its website that it will screen Mamoru Oshii‘s Angel’s Egg original video anime (OVA). The cinema will screen the film as part of its anime auteurs line-up, which includes four screenings:

Angel’s Egg originally released in Japan in 1985. Oshii directed the OVA at Studio DEEN. Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano wrote the story, and Oshii wrote the screenplay. Hiroshi Hasegawa, Masao Kobayashi, Mitsunori Miura, and Yutaka Wada produced the film. Yoshihiro Kanno composed the music.

The Angel’s Egg anime has never been released in the West as is. Anchor Bay Entertainment announced in 2001 that it had acquired the DVD rights to Angel’s Egg, but never released the film.

Carl Colpaert’s 1987 film In the Aftermath spliced footage from the film. Distributor Arrow Video most recently released In the Aftermath on Blu-ray Disc in the U.K. in May 2019.

FACETS is a nonprofit organization established in 1975. It hosts the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF).

ANN reached out to FACETS to ask about the Angel’s Egg screening (which is listed as having English subtitles), but the company did not respond by press time. FACETS’ listing of the film acknowledges the film has never been licensed for release in North America, adding “though it gained cult status through tape trade and other means of underground distribution.”

Source: FACETS Cinema’s website via @WTK

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