Episode 8 – Love After World Domination

This week’s Love After World Domination is full of both expected story beats and unexpected twists. It’s a true joy watching Desumi and Fudo grow as a couple together.

I think what stands out most about this episode is how in sync Desumi and Fudo are. They are both very inexperienced young people who are discovering a lot of life lessons for the very first time. They are competent but a bit naive when it comes to dealing with other people, particularly in sussing out other people’s motives. They also both think the world of one another and are very protective – perhaps overly so – of this first relationship and each other.

Anna presents an interesting foil to their relationship. She has an unusual aggressiveness when compared with other characters in the show, and at various times Fudo and Desumi are both threatened by her. Anna is very keyed in with herself and what she wants and she will do anything to have it, a stark comparison to the tiptoeing Fudo and Desumi often do. The fun subversion of expectations where they discover she has a crush on Desumi is capped off nicely with Fudo offering to hang out in the park all night and talk about how great Desumi is. It’s a sweet moment; don’t we all love a himbo?

The study session was full of great laughs as well. The cat slapping shenanigans, Fudo putting on his mask backwards, and the wombo combo of Desumi and Fudo being terrible teachers was all a delight. I look forward to watching this show every week.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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