Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rama disguises as a boy.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Bhim Rao asking people to back out if they wanted, but he won’t. He left. Rama went after him.

Rama asked if he was worried about everyone getting injured. Bhim Rao denied, said that everyone must learn to bare injuries otherwise they would end up like Puhan. If they wanted change, they have to change themselves first. Rama doubted her decision to accept the challenge.

At night, Joku came to Hitesh. He woke him up, said that he was in pain. Hitesh said that we never played cricket before. Joku knew Hitesh deliberately hit him. Joku was well aware of Hitesh and his nature. Hitesh got offended, said that he would leave the team. Joku warned him. This time Joku would play for his chawl against Sethi and Varchand. If he had to he would compete Hitesh as well. Joku left. Hitesh went back to sleep.

Next day, Deepak counted all the player. They were short of three players. Bala said that they need to arrange more players. Jijabai taunted Bhim Rao, said players were waiting for him in a shop. She said that no one was ready to compete with Varchand. Ramji asked her not to burn herself, they would arrange players. Jijabai mocked as their own chawl members weren’t ready to play. Meera asked everyone to unite and play for their won good. Tow men came and announced that they already told Bhim Rao about their participation. Bhim Rao was grateful to them. They were still short of one player.

Joshi came, said they would lose without that one player. Rama asked him not to worry, they would arrange another player as well. Bhim Rao asked everyone to practice. Joshi joined as well, to watch.

They practice, Bhim Rao taught them their roles. They practised balling, batting, and fielding. Bhim Rao taught Natvrd how to catch. Joshi stood there, watched, and laughed. As they practice Bhim Rao explained them about the rules.

At night, everyone came back. They were tired from practising all day. Bhim Rao asked everyone to learn to bare this pain everyday only then they would be able to face every challenge in their life. Lakshmi prayed for them to find the 11th prayer. Ramji decided to sing to lighten everyone’s mood. Bala got up to leave. Ramji questioned, said that Bala used to love Ramji’s singing. Bala said that Ramji doesn’t consider him the same Bala. For Bhim Rao he was the same Bala. They all sit down. Ramji sang.

Next morning, Bala came and told that he couldn’t find 11th player. A boy came willing to join. Bala questioned who he was. He replied that he heard about a battle, wanted to participate. Bhim Rao wanted to meet the boy’s family. He took the boy. Lakshmi said that Bhim Rao must be up to something.

Bhim Rao took the boy aside. The boy refused to let him meet his family. Bhim Rao took of the turban; he knew that it was Rama. Bhim Rao forbids her from playing between men. Rama argued him for differentiating between men and women. Bhim Rao couldn’t allow Rama to play between male dominance. Bhim Rao requested her to comply. She refused. Rama left saying that she wanted to know if her husband would support her in front of everyone or not.

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