Dipti Dhyani on shaving off her head for her husband Sooraj Thapar

Actor Sooraj Thapar’s wife Dipti Dhyani shaved off her head a week ago after she had pledged to offer her hair to Tirupati Balaji for the well-being of her husband. While some are still getting used to her new look, Dipti has embraced her new look wholeheartedly.

Dipti talked about it during a recent interview with BT and shared, “I didn’t think about appreciation and acceptance while doing it. My sons (seven-year-old Vishvm and three-year-old Naividyaa) were taken aback when they saw my bald look. They wondered ki mamma ko kya ho gaya. However, within a few days, they told me that I looked better this way than I did with long hair. I was happy as I was certain that if my sons had accepted me in my new look, others would, too. People from different walks of life have been appreciating the move and it has actually become a topic of discussion, which I hadn’t expected even in my wildest dreams. I did it for my husband and I am glad that I am being showered with love for it.”

Talking about the time when she was getting ready for her head to be shaved, she said, “Honestly, it wasn’t an easy decision. Just before I sat down to offer my hair, I asked Soorajji if we were really getting it done. He said, ‘ Ab chal gaya ustara and now there is no coming back’. When I looked in the mirror, I felt that I was getting ready to perform in a play (laughs!). Sooraj ji told me that I looked prettier than before. When your partner gives you so much love and respect, everything else ceases to matter. Many people have asked on my Instagram account how I can be so superstitious. I want to tell them that I am not superstitious. When my husband was unwell (he was in the ICU after he tested positive for COVID-19 in May last year), all I could think of was how to save him. What I have done is for the love of my husband and the promise made to God. It wasn’t done to set any benchmark.”

She added, “I feel liberated to defy these set beauty standards. When I saw my bald look, I realized that beauty can’t be defined by any one aspect of your physical appearance. It’s more within. That gave me a lot of confidence. Also, until I accept myself, how will others. I would have to accept myself first in my new look. Recently, I went to a party where everyone told me to wear a wig. But I am not going to hide my look, as I am not ashamed of it. I have embraced the new me and feel liberated. I am feeling good about myself.”

Meanwhile, her plan to return to acting after a nine-year gap will have to wait now. “I was all set to return to acting but that has got delayed now for a few months. But if people find me fit enough to play a character that requires this look, I am willing to return to work immediately (smiles),” she signs off.

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