Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Zoravar’s mehendi on Mannat’s hands shocks Kulwant

Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannat getting mehendi on her hands. Kulwant says it will be beautiful. Brar comes there and apologizes for not coming there. Kulwant says it’s ok, and tells that today is their children’s mehendi. Mannat looks at her mehendi and sees Z. She asks designer, why did she write Z. The designer says it is N. Mannat thinks what game, God is playing. Everyone is dancing. Zoravar looks out. Dolly and others dance too. Dolly asks Zoravar not to back off and don’t get her insulted. Brar asks Kulwant, if the girl is not happy. Kulwant says she is very happy, it is just that she is separating from us. She goes to Mannat and says don’t get me insulted, you are my pride, and says she shall have spark on her face which sparkles her family’s name. She says play the song. Mannat dances venting out her pain silently. Zoravar also dances to vent out his pain silently. He swirls. She also swirls and runs out. Zoravar also runs out. Mannat swirls in rain. Zoravar also enjoy the rain. They walk towards each other and smiles. They have a hug. Everyone looks on shocked. It is their imagination. Mannat is dancing alone, while Zoravar is imagining her. Bittu sees Mannat’s feet bleeding and comes out taking the umbrella. He says your feet is bleeding, come inside. Mannat tells that she has much pain, but it is not of feet, but of heart. Mehendi designer gives mehendi in Kulwant’s hand. Kulwant realizes mehendi was exchanged in Gurudwara and it is of Zoravar’s name. Mannat starts dancing again.

Kulwant throws the mehendi bowl and runs to Mannat, rubs mehendi from her hand. Brar asks if everything is fine? Kulwant says forgive me, I was unaware that Mannat is allergic to Mehendi. She takes her inside. Karan asks them to come inside, and have food. He says Nani will handle. Mannat asks what happened? Kulwant says this is Zoravar’s name mehendi, this shouldn’t have been done. Mannat is surprised. Kulwant continues to rub mehendi from her hand. Mannat says what is the use, the color got on the hands. Kulwant says I am Kulwant Kaur and whatever I say, happens. She says you will marry Nirvair only and goes.

Mannat looks at the mehendi on her hands. Zoravar looks at Mannat’s bracelet in his hand. He talks to his mother and says I wish I could tell that I love Mannat and wants to marry her. He says he don’t want to marry Scarlet and asks his mother to stop the marriage. He calls Mannat and says hello. Mannat says hello. He asks if you will not ask, why I have called you. She asks why? He says I called to wish you for your new life and says all the best. She asks are you sure, you called to say this. He says I called to say sorry and wishes to take back her sorrows given by him. Mannat says there are many sorrows which you can’t take back. She says even I want to wish you for a happy life. She says you might be looking like a prince, just like your name. He says you must be looking as the most beautiful princess. She says your would be wife deserve this. He asks her to tell the answer of the riddle. She asks him to think from heart, like her and then you will get answer. Dolly calls him. He ends the call.

Precap: Mannat tells Bittu that she loves Zoravar and asks him to stop this marriage. She says four lives will be ruined due to Dadi’s ego, and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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