Choti Sardarni 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 7th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rane asking Kulwant to see the tight security. Kulwant says she doesn’t trust Dolly and says she is a big dacoit. Rane says security will be tight, even bird can’t come inside. Zoravar secretly sneaks in the house secretly, and thinks to be saved from everyone’s eye. He takes a shawl kept there and covers himself. He lifts a kadai and starts walking. He sees flower falling on him while decoration is going on. He continues walking. Bittu stops him and asks what are you doing here, while cooking is done outside. He is about to see Zoravar, when Karan calls him to handle someone. Mannat pulls Zoravar to side. They have an eye lock. Zoravar touches Mannat’s face holding the rose and smiles. Song plays…phirse khuda. She blows flower petals on him and asks what are you doing here? She asks did you apply medicine on your leg? He says I came to give you answer for the riddle. He says whatever is mine, but it is not with me, this is the answer. She says you can’t understand and asks him to go, hearing Kulwant calling her. Zoravar goes from there and his handkerchief falls down. Kulwant comes there and asks Mannat to get ready, as they have booked Amritsar’s big hotel. She says Nirvair is also coming. Zoravar finds Mannat’s stuck bracelet to his shirt, while Mannat sees his handkerchief. Zoravar wears Mannat’s bracelet and smiles. Mannat takes his handkerchief.

Dolly comes to the same hotel with Zoravar and Scarlet. Yaar milade plays…..Kulwant comes there with Mannat and Nirvair. Zoravar and Mannat look at each other. Zoravar gets upset seeing Nirvair holding Mannat. Kulwant asks Mannat and Nirvair to go, until she settles scores. Dolly asks Scarlet and Zoravar to sit and says I have seen a housefly and will ask manager to get it cleaned properly. Zoravar and Mannat look at each other while going. Kulwant and Dolly argue with Manager to do booking on her name for her grand daughter’s wedding. Dolly says she wants to get the booking done for her grand son. Kulwant says I came first. Dolly says my booking will be done. Manager says their hotel is big and can organize two weddings. They tell that they don’t want wedding to be interfered by other. Manager insists. They agree and taunt each other. Dolly tells Kulwant that everyone saw her, and calls her goon. Kulwant says I will see how your grand son’s engagement happens here. Dolly says I want to see goons face. Mannat goes from there. Zoravar makes an excuse and goes behind her. Mannat reminisces him and cries. He comes there, feeling sad for his love. Mannat gets sad seeing him with Scarlet. Oye rabba plays….They cry looking at each other. A saint come there and tells poetry about love.

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