Choti Sardarni 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Goon kidnapping Mannat and Zoravar and says they will kill him also. Mannat says kill me, but leave him. Zoravar says our scores are yet to be settled. The goon says your time is over. Zoravar offers to give them money and asks them to bring laptop and phone, so that I can transfer money. The goon refuses thinking they will be trapped. He asks them to get ready to die. Zoravar says we will give you anything, you ask for. Mannat asks can I make a last wish and tells that Zoravar Singh Randhawa has spoiled my life, else I would have been in Dalhousie. She says she wants to slap him and say bad things to him. Zoravar is shocked and says you want to take revenge from me. Mannat signs him. Zoravar acts and says you want to slap me, even after I helped you so much. The goon asks her to slap him. Mannat and Zoravar argue. Hum Tum song plays….Kulwant reaches the jungle with the family. Mannat says jo bole so nihaal…Zoravar lifts her and they beat the goons together. Everyone call Zoravar and Mannat as they walk in the jungle. A goon is about to shoot them, when kulwant comes there and beats the goon. The family members follow and they all beat the goons. Police arrives in time and arrest the goons. Dolly hugs Zoravar while Kulwant hugs Mannat. Mannat says Dadi. Bittu gives water to Mannat. Jeeto folds her hands and apologizes to Mannat, admitting to her that this was all done by my Mummy. She asks her to forgive her Mummy. Mannat says I am fine, nothing has happened to me, don’t apologize to me. Scarlet says Mannat…you. Zoravar says if I am alive and fine today, then because of mannat. Mannat also tells Kulwant that she is alive today because of Zoravar. Zoravar says I kept my wounds green intentionally, but now time has come to heal them. Kiara smiles. Kulwant tells Dolly that their kids are fine and that’s why they shall end the matter right here, and also our relation. Mannat says Dadi. Dolly says we don’t want to keep our relation with you and ends it. Kulwant asks Mannat to come. Dolly asks Zoravar to come. Mannat’s dupatta falls on Zoravar’s face. He moves it from his face and looks at her. He gives her dupatta to her. pehli baar hai ji plays……He recalls the moment spent with her. She also recalls the moments. Kiara sees Zoravar and Mannat smiling looking at each other happily, and she gets happy for them.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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