Birthday girl Tejasswi Prakash on her bond with Karan Kundrra; says, “I feel settled, secure, and protected with Karan”

Birthday girl Tejasswi Prakash has been running on a hectic schedule ever since she won Bigg Boss 15. Tejasswi joined Naagin 6 right after Bigg Boss 15 and now she spends half of her day shooting daily.

The actress is loving the jam-packed schedule. Talking about it during a recent interview, Tejasswi said, “I am actually happy that I didn’t take a break after Bigg Boss. I mean, who gets this kind of opportunity? Winning a show is great, but it feels better when it converts into something, and you get good work after that. I am glad that it worked out for me. I am doing the biggest franchise on television and working with one of the biggest production houses. This season of Naagin is a big hit. The show is number one right now, and I am really grateful for that,” she says, adding, “Of course, I struggle with time, and it’s difficult to catch up with my family and Karan. But people around me have been extremely understanding, and I have been able to do what I am doing because of the support that I am getting.”

Amid her busy schedule, Tejasswi along with Karan recently jetted off to Goa to ring in her birthday. The actress wants to keep the celebrations simple.

Talking about her future plans and upcoming projects, the actress shared that she doesn’t want to settle for anything mediocre. “Well, I have been reading a few movie scripts, but I can’t talk about any of them yet. Right now, my goal is to do something really nice. I don’t want to settle for anything mediocre.”

She added, “I think directors these days appreciate committed actors. And I am hardworking. I know I can deliver. It will reflect in my performance and the response I get from my fans. People love me, and I have been getting a crazy amount of love from my fans. If I put in hard work with that, my projects will do great, I am sure.”

Tejasswi also gives credit for her success to Karan. She said, “Karan sees so much potential in me. He always tells me, ‘I wish you could see yourself through my eyes’. Karan has changed the way I look at work and scripts. He has actually changed the way I look at myself. I now believe that if I get a good project and a brilliant team, I can do wonders. That’s the dream now. And I am looking forward to amazing things and working with a co-star like Karan. Our chemistry is fire (blushes).”

She added, “Even though we hardly get time with each other, the hours that we spend together are really smooth. There’s an immense level of understanding in our relationship now. Somehow, we feel very settled. Our life is just going to work and coming back to each other, and we like it like that. We have our ups and downs, but as I said, I feel settled, secure, and protected with him. Even our fights don’t last too long now ( laughs).”


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