Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that engagement mahurat is gone, but there is another mahurat after 20 mins. Ayush asks why did you take a pause. Rishi tells that they will celebrate and asks him to ask DJ to play music. He dances with Malishka on the song Nach de saare…..Others dance too. Lakshmi looks upset and is going away from there. Rishi holds her hand and dances with her. Malishka comes and dances with him. They stop dancing. Everyone claps. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she saw everything happy and says he don’t remember when he saw them very happy last time. Lakshmi says I remember, when you was bitten up by snake and nothing had happened to you, when you was shot and you was safe, everyone was happy when you was caught in fire and was saved. Rishi asks if you are showing favor on me and says even I have done so much for you. Lakshmi says I remember that too, we both were happy then. She goes to her room. Shalu is about to go behind her, but Neelam stops her and says you are not allowed to go inside. She says your sister and you have troubled us a lot. Shalu asks how I have troubled you? Neelam says I fell down from the stairs, how, I never fell down before. Shalu asks what do you want to say? Karishma says she is more mannerless than her sister. Neelam says I didn’t slip by myself, your sister made me fell down. She must have planned to make any family member fell down so that this engagement stops. Malishka says I will bring Lakshmi. Rishi says no. Malishka says she shall be here. She comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks her to come and see her engagement. Lakshmi asks if you are getting engaged to show me, or for your happiness. Malishka says for our happiness, and asks her to come and watch that Rishi is hers. Lakshmi says yours, and says he is not yours. She says this is not engagement, but an illusion and betrayal which you are doing to yourself, and says until he is my husband, this engagement doesn’t matter. She says even if you want me to see this engagement then I will come. Malishka says it is strange that she agreed.

Kiran asks Pandit ji to start the engagement rituals. Pandit ji asks them to get the ring. Neelam asks Mukesh to get the ring. Pandit ji asks Rishi to make Malishka wear the ring. Rishi opens the box and finds it empty. Karishma says who has problem with this engagement. Kiran says Lakshmi can do anything, she has fell down to her level and stolen the ring. Lakshmi asks what? Malishka says you came here to enjoy. Shalu asks her not to say anything against her sister. Malishka shouts enough and calls her inauspicious in her life. She asks Lakshmi to give the ring. Lakshmi says do you think that I can do this. Ayush says this is a limit. Lakshmi says Ayush. Karishma says don’t take my son’s name and asks her to get the ring. Neelam says if anyone tries to snatch my son’s happiness, then I will not bear. Lakshmi says I haven’t stolen the ring. Karishma says you are here for money and that’s why you will do this. Rishi says I don’t think that Lakshmi has stolen it. Malishka asks her to go and search her ring. Kiran says you will get it, if you search it. Lakshmi says I will search it to prove my innocence. She says you are accusing me of theft, see yourself. Malishka says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I am Lakshmi and I am accused of theft, I will definitely search the ring. Virender says everyone shall search the ring.

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